What is the Best Armstrong Foil for Wake Foiling?

The Armstrong line up of foils can be intimidating when you look at it with all the wing, mast and fuselage options. In this video we break down the line up into what foil is best for beginner, intermediate and advanced wake foilers.

Best Beginner Wake Foils:

The Armstrong CF1550 v1 kit is as user-friendly as you can get for learning to wake foil. The forgiving front wing, larger CF300 v2 tail wing, combined with the 70cm fuselage and 60cm mast give you the winning combo for learning to wake foil behind any boat or jet ski. The longer fuse give you max stability and the shorter mast will keep the nasty wipe outs to a minimum.

For those wanting to wake foil the wake with no rope assist and be able to ride multiple wakes back, check out the CF2400 and HS1850. The CF2400 is best for larger riders and max stability. The HS1850 is thinner profile with a narrower span so you will get a smoother rider with faster speeds and more crisp turns. The HS1850 is more suitable for lighter riders too.

Best Intermediate Wake Foils:

Intermediate riders are loving the HS1850 and HS1550 v2 for gliding, ripping and pumping from wake to wake. The HS1850 will be best for bigger riders and those that are learning to pump. The HS1550 v2 is an amazing all arounder that riders with more experience can use as a one wing quiver.

For those getting into wake style foiling, getting airs and doing trick, the CF1200 has a lot of power and pop for boosting and more importantly landing. This wing can also rip turns in the pocket on a big wake.

Most intermediate wake foilers prefer the Armstrong A+ 72cm mast length and HS232 v2 tail wing.

Best Advanced Wake Foils:

Austin Tovey, one of the most extreme wake foilers out there, said his bread and butter daily driver for powered tricks is the HS1050. With the thinner profile he cut at the wake with a lot of power and the mid aspect design gives him soft landing for big airs.

Many wake foilers are using the HA1125 for wake gliding and then pumping out to other boat wakes to pick up a ride.

The FV200 tail wing is a must have to loosen up the turns for advanced wake foilers. If you want to go super loose swap in the A+ 50cm fuselage.

If you want to find out what Armstrong Foil will be right for your wake foiling needs, contact a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at REALpro@realwatersports.com.

For more information on different mast length check out this video below.

For more information on fuselage lengths check out this video below.

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