What is the Best Armstrong Foil for Kite Foiling?

The Armstrong line up of foils can be intimidating when you look at all the wing, mast and fuselage options. In this video we break down the line up into what is best for beginner, intermediate and advanced kite foilers.

Best Beginner Kite Foils:

The Armstrong CF1550 v1 kit is as user-friendly as you can get for learning to kite foil. The forgiving front wing gives you great low speed lift, larger CF300 v2 tail wing, combined with the 70cm fuselage and 60cm mast give you the winning combo for learning to kite foil. The longer fuse give you max stability and the shorter mast will keep the nasty wipe outs to a minimum.

Most kiters will skip right to the CF1200 as the go to beginner to intermediate kite foil. The CF1200 has a very usable wind range and a lower profile that will be stable and easy to ride to start. As you get better you will appreciate the longer 72cm mast and shorter 60cm fuselage for more crisp turning and riding in bumpier conditions.

The easiest way to learn to kite foil is by using the A+ 45cm mast. This keeps the wing close to the surface for easy access to lift. Also the super short mast keeps you from having bad wipe outs since you can’t get much height out of the water.

If you want a lot more stability while on foil, the 70cm fuselage will make your rig feel stiffer but super stable.

Best Intermediate Kite Foils:

Once you know how to kite foil, many riders are going to the HS1050. This has a thinner profile so you can get higher top speeds. Also, the mid aspect wing gives you nice low speed lift and easy turns. If you want to kick it up a notch in performance go to the HS850 which is a REAL favorite.

Many kite foilers will ride the 85cm mast for deeper water, higher chop locations and better angles upwind.

Best Advanced Kite Foils:

The HS850 is for absolute ripping in all conditions for advanced riders. It has a huge speed range and is very maneuverable. Some riders are switching it up a bit and introducing the HA925 for ultimate up and down wind angles.

For those that have progressed into kite foiling in the surf zone, the CF800 was designed to roll thought the white water with ease and carve smooth rail to rail turns on the wave face.

A must have is the FV200 tail wing for fast speed and snappy turns.

Finally, advanced riders will bump up the mast size to the A+ 85cm or 100cm mast for extreme conditions.

 If you want to find out what Armstrong Foil will right for your kite foiling needs, contact a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at REALpro@realwatersports.com.

For more information on different mast length check out this video below.


For more information on fuselage lengths check out this video below.

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