What is the Best Armstrong Foil for Foil Surfing?

The Armstrong line up of foils can be intimidating when you look at it with all the wing, mast and fuselage options. In this video we break down the line up into what is best for beginner, intermediate and advanced foil surfing.

Best Beginner Surf Foils:

Your weight and surf size will really dictate what is the best beginner foil for surf foiling. The larger riders in softer waves will want to consider the CF2400 as a great and stable choice to catch your first waves on. You can make a lot of mistakes with the CF2400 and it helps you through the challenging beginning. You definitely need small and weak waves for this one.

 If you are a mid to lighter weight rider or in punchier surf, you can check out the CF1200 which is super easy to ride and carve turns very easily. The CF1200 will be harder to learn to pump on due to its thicker profile and more curve in the wing.

 A lot of surf foilers are buying the HS1550 v2 as an all around wing that you won’t grow out of. The kit comes with the HS232 v2 which is a smaller and less stable tail wing, so most beginner surf foilers will add on the CF300 v2 tail wing to this kit. You can learn on the stable CF300 v2 tail and then progress down to the HS232 v2 when you are ready to rip harder turns and connect waves.

Most riders are learning with the stock A+ 60cm fuse but if you want max pitch stability the 70cm A+ will make your board feel really stable. The 70cm fuse also will help you to learn to pump back out. Also the stock 72cm mast is the way to go for all level surf foilers.

Best Intermediate Surf Foils:

The HS1250 has been a crowd favorite for a great balance between pumping and turning. This works for a huge variety of riders in a lot of conditions.

 For small waves and easier pumping, the HS1550 v2 is a gem. Pumps like an HA wing when it is up in the pump zone and still has great turning for the size. If you are a larger rider and need something for mushy surf, the HS1850 is the ticket. Thin profile with a lot of surface area and span to make it easy for the bigger riders.

 The HS232 v2 is a fast, turny and stable tail wing for surf foiling. Shim this thing out for max performance and speed.

Best Advanced Surf Foils:

When you get into more advanced surf foiling you have to look at the HA925. This is a pumping beast and it turns as well as a lot of the HS wings in the line up. Speed, turning and pumping, the HA925 is the one. For really small surf or max pumping ability check out the larger sized HA wings.

Many of the top rippers are using the HS1050 for in the pocket foil surfing. You will loose some pump-ability but gain control in the pocket for white water hits.

Other considerations for advanced foil surfing is the FV200 tail for a super smooth ride and short snappy turns. Want to increase that turning radius even more, then go to the A+ 50cm fuse.

When you get into larger waves or for tow foiling you can add on the A+ 85cm mast so you don’t ventilate the wings as easily.

If you want to find out what Armstrong Foil will right for your surf foiling needs, contact a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at REALpro@realwatersports.com.

For more information on different mast length check out this video below.


For more information on fuselage lengths check out this video below.

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