What are the Best Leashes for Winging?

There is no best leash for winging as leashes are the worst part about winging. They are always tangling up and getting in the way.

Most people ride with either the wing leash or board leash to the waist and the other to the wrist or ankle.

Beginner Wingers:

Start with a board waist leash to get the leash off the deck of the board so you don’t step on it. Also most inflatable hand wings ship with wrist leashes so that is one less thing that you need to buy/replace when you are getting started.

Best board waist leashes:

Armstrong Board Waist Leash is a coil leash that is really strong. Also the waist attachment allows you to double back over the buckle. There are neoprene covers for the excess belt and buckle that will keep your leash from false releasing.

Armstrong Waist Board Leash pictured below.



Creatures also make a nice coil waist leash. It has extra padding and more grip around the waist that some riders like.

Best board ankle or calf leashes:

Here is a variety of leashes that work well for winging. It is all personal preference on these as some people like the calf attachment to keep the leash out of the water and some like the thinnest surf leash to make it less intrusive when you step on it. Ankle or calf board leashes pair well with a wing waist leash.

Creatures Superlite 6’ Comp Leash is the thinnest surf leash out there and the least intrusive when you step on it.

North Coil Calf Leash, Ion Wing Leash Core Coiled Knee, and Creatures Foil Knee Coil Leash get the leash off the deck and out of the water.

If you prefer coil ankle leashes, the ION Wing Leash Core Coiled Ankle and Creatures Foil Coil Leash are both great options.

Advanced Wingers:

A lot of advanced wing surfers really like to use the inflatable wing waist leash because that will free up both arms for paddling out through the surf. To compliment the wing waist leash, most riders are using some sort of ankle or calf leash.

Best inflatable wing waist leash:

The Armstrong Ultimate Wing Waist Leash, pictured below, is the best that we have found. It is super strong, has a quick release option and uses a double back buckle system with neoprene covers for the buckle and extra strap.


Also Ozone makes a convertible wing leash  available in 3m-4.3m and 5m-6m that you can select the waist attachment or wrist attachment point on.

If you have more questions on what leashes will be right for your winging experience, contact a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at REALpro@realwatersports.com.

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