Trips 10 Tips for Trippin'


1. Calendar or Strike Mission? There are two different ways to take a surf trip. On the calendar or last minute strike mission. On the calendar is best for travelling with family or friends. Strike mission is the best for scoring a small window of the best conditions possible. Don’t be fooled into thinking strike missions are reserved for just the pros. There’s plenty of places in the world that are 4-6ft and perfect….

2. Book It or Lose It: If you’re going on a calendared trip, book it well in advance so you have something to look forward to all year long. This also keeps you from talking yourself out of it, saying things like “We’re too busy”, or “Don’t have the time”.

3. Travel Bag Inspection: Is you travel bag in good working order? Will your bag fit your longest board and the number of boards you want to take with you? Plan this out well in advance so you have plenty of time to ground ship a new bag if you need one. Overnight shipping on travel bags is EXPENSIVE.

4. Get Your Quiver on Point: I like to check the Surfline and Magic Seaweed forecasts right before I leave to plan my quiver. Most travel bags fit 2-3 boards. For your standard double bag, you should be taking your everyday board for the conditions, plus a backup that adds a little range up or down depending on the forecast. If you have room for a 3rd board, it’s nice to pack something totally different, call it a “novelty board” , to mix it up a bit. When you get to surf for days on end, it’s nice to have a fresh board in your quiver to wake up your senses. This board should be packed with extra foam to help you catch more waves when you’re tired or just wanna cruise. In the past, this has been boards like a Lost C3 LayZboy, a Rawson Single Fin Stinger, and even a Robert August Martinson Step Deck longboard. Looking back on these three trips, I ended up scoring some of sessions of the trips on these boards too.

5. Invest in Good Sunscreen: Cheap sunscreen is cheap and washes off. After it washes off you get sunburned like a red lobster. Invest in good sunscreen to keep you sunburn free. Shade Sunscreen is the best there is if you don’t ever want it to wash off mid session. Watermen’s Sunscreen is another brand developed by and trusted by surfers. Raw Elements makes a great natural, eco friendly, water resistant sunscreen that’s perfect for surfing long hours.

6. Three MVPs in the Bathroom Kit….. Earplugs, Visene and Fiber Powder. I guess the visene is self explanatory. You’re spending all day in the water and your eyes are gonna get crushed. Earplugs help every sleeping situation be like you’re sleeping at home. Fiber powder does the same for your eating situation, as changing your diet often leads to other things changing and sometimes not for the better.

7. Moderation, Moderation, Moderation…. I’m not one with a great reputation for moderation, but from what my friends tell me, you shouldn’t surf, sun, chafe or party yourself out too early in the trip. If you’re on a strike mission for a good swell, this all goes out the window.

8. Respect the Locals: When you’re traveling it means you’re leaving your local break and visiting someone elses. Take the time to get to know the locals and be respectful in the lineup. When in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of caution than it is to drop in and snake someone you thought wasn’t going to make it. Sharing things like cold beers, leashes, fins and wax can go a long way. The best thing to share is a positive vibe in the water rather than being loud or obnoxious.

9. Security 101: Don’t be flashy with your belongings and electronics. In the age of Apple, it’s easy to find someone with their phone, ipad, laptop and camera all in plain sight from 100 yards away. Out of sight means out of mind. The less everyone sees when it comes to your belonging, what’s in your car or what’s in your home, means they less they want it.

10. Your Crew is more than 50% of the Experience: I’m always stoked to travel with people that add to the trip. You can have an awesome time surfing pretty junky conditions with epic friends. On the flip side, if people are wearing on you, it needs to be close to perfect to get that same feeling. Choose your travel partners wisely….

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