Top Surf Accessories for the Winter

Winter is here, and with it brings waves, neoprene, and stoke. To make sure your winter is as good as it can be, it's essential to be prepared. Here is a list of the top surf accessories to help you get the most out of your winter sessions.  


Stretchy, Warm Winter Wetsuit: 

One thing that comes to mind when thinking of winter surfing is the ritual dance found in popular surf break parking lots across the country– the wetsuit two-step. Fitting and finding a wetsuit is not always the most straightforward task, but a good rule of thumb is, "If it is easy to get on, it's too large." The most popular wetsuit we carry for surfing is O'Neill's Hyperfreak lineup. Ranging from 2mm to 5/4+mm, these wetsuits are incredibly stretchy and warm thanks to the proprietary material called TechnoButter 3X. 

O'Neil Hyperfreak

O'Neill Collection


    • In addition to the sick pinstripes, the buttery buttery smooth material is very comfortable and makes paddling in a wetsuit easier than ever before 
    • The collar has a soft fabric helping to prevent neck rashes 
    • Zipper closes from right to left and is always connected, making it easy to zip with cold hands (Zipperless models are also available)   


    • Hyperfreak does not perform well with windchill. If this is a concern, check out the O'Neill Psycho Tech. It has the same buttery material and an extra windproof Smoothskin and Firewall.

Warm, Comfortable Winter Wetsuit Gloves:  

Pairing well with the Hyperfreak lineup are the Psycho Tech 3mm and 5mm gloves.  



Psycho Tech Glove Collection


    • Features a windproof Smoothskin helping to retain its warmth 
    • Comfortable and stretchy thanks to the Technobutter 3 and Firewall 
    • Tacky grip; helps with duck diving 


    • Difficult to get off when wet 


Warm, Comfy, Grippy Boots:  

For booties, we recommend the phenomenal Xcel Drylock Split Toe boots offered in both 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.


Drylock Booties Collection


    • Pull up ankle loop helps you to slip your feet in and out without stretching the neoprene  
    • Asymmetrical strap design almost hugs the foot to the sole 
    • Durable rubber sole
    • Fits true to size  


    • Difficult to get on 


Changing Poncho 

No winter surf session would be complete without a changing poncho. Not only does it help you perform the wetsuit two-step in privacy, but it also doubles as a jacket and an after-session snuggie. We love the Slowtide Digs changing poncho so much put our logo on it!  



REAL x Slowtide Digs Poncho


    • Very soft, absorbent, and comfortable  
    • Fabric does not stick to the body like other synthetic materials 
    • Hood drawstring offers extra protection from the wind and cold 
    • Kangaroo pocket helps keep hands warm 


    • Heavier than other ponchos on the market 

Surf Ears 

Surf Ears are a great product if you know what they are for. If you don't, it may be time to research Surfer's Ear. One may say it's the new sunscreen. You don't know you need it until you've developed hearing loss and have difficulty draining your ears. These little guys are great for keeping water out of your ears and have many down-the-line benefits.  

Surf Ears


    • Necklace ensures you don't lose them in the water  
    • Acoustic mesh allows you still hear Todd calling you off 'his' waves 
    • Different size tips fit a variety of ear sizes  
    • Carrying pouch helps you keep track of them out of the water 


    • You can still hear Todd calling you off 'his' waves  

Extra Leash  

It's overhead. No. It's double overhead—Peeeeling down the line. You've been waiting all winter for a day like this, you thought it might never come, yet here it is. You paddle out, see a set and take the third wave. "Whappa," you hit the lip, come back around and realize it's closing. You tuck in, maybe grab some rail if you are into that, and get swallowed by the wave. You make it up to the surface, but something is missing; your leash has snapped. The terror of missing the best day of the winter flashes before you, but wait, you planned for this! You bought an extra Creatures Reef leash and stashed it in your car! Good for you; get out there and continue shredding cause you deserve it.  


Creatures Reef Leash Collection


    • Non-slip cuff fixes the leash securely to your leg 
    • Pull tab makes it easy to take it off with gloves  
    • Two stainless steel swivels help prevent coiling  

Yeti Mug 

Topping off your session with a hot cup of coffee or tea is a great way to finish an epic day. Here in Hatteras, we love the REAL branded Yeti mug for exactly this.


Yeti Tumbler Collection


    • Magslider lid makes cleaning easy  
    • Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages warm  
    • Dishwasher safe 
There you have it, the top surf accessories for the winter! We hope you have the best winter possible, and if you have any questions about these products or others on our website, give us a call us at 252.987.6000 or
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