Too Cool for School?

Why continued education is worth the time and expense…. Are you too cool for school? How about if the school you’re considering has coaches that can teach you more in a half day on the water than you’ll learn in an entire season by yourself? You already know REAL as the best place to learn to kiteboard, surf or standup paddleboard at the beginner level. Well how about for more advanced riders? Learn from the Pros…Why should you take a lesson this Spring? Check out just a few of the topics we’re teaching every day at REAL. For more information or to book your lesson, please call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or International 252-987-6000.


Proper Riding Stance: Have you seen a picture or video of yourself riding? Is your waist harness constantly riding up into your armpits? Chances are your butt is the furthest part of your body out over the water. Great for washing it off, but not so good for control, speed or the health of your back. The REAL Coaches can dial you in and get you aligned to carry more power and launch bigger jumps. All in just one lesson… Learn to Jibe: Is it Jibe or Gybe? Seems like the longer you wait to learn, the harder it seems to be. It’s not hard and you can learn in one lesson at REAL. Stop storing your kitesurf board in the garage because you can only ride it toeside. Learn how to switch your feet and ride that surfboard in both directions TODAY! Kitesurf: Hit the ocean with one of our seasoned REAL Coaches for some unbelievable waveriding and jumping! We have access to over 70 miles of pristine ocean conditions. You’ll learn how the ocean and waves work so you’re not wandering around the ocean lost as to what’s happening and where you should be. In three hours, you’ll learn year’s worth of knowledge and experience. New Flatwater Tricks: Seems like “The Slick” has given birth to slicks all over the world. People are hunting down flatwater like rabid dogs hunting down Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburgers. Now that you’ve found this flatwater, what are you gonna do with it?! Same tricks getting stale? Session “The Slick” with one of our REAL Coaches including invited Triple-S riders Brandon Scheid, Eric Reinstra, Sam Bell, Brian Smith and Jason Slezak. Learning new tricks is as easy as signing up for a 3 hour private lesson….


98% of surfers stop taking lessons after their first successful rides. Their learning curve goes flat after that…..Here are a few topics we teach to help surfers keep progressing. Duck Dive or Turtle: Learn how to get your board out through sizeable surf. If you’re on a longboard, learn how to “turn turtle” and get your board underneath the wave. If you’ve progressed to shortboards, learn how to get your board MEGA deep and slide under roaring walls of whitewater. Learn all of this in one lesson and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life! Surfing Stance and Techniques: This is where continued education really pays off! In just one lesson you can dramatically improve your surfing stance and style, while at the same time learn to ride the wave in a relaxed manner. Release the tension, pull in that butt and let it flow! We can also work with you to increase your down the line speed. Cross Stepping/Noseriding: Proper cross stepping and noseriding is a technique that anyone can learn, at any age. One thing to note, shuffling to the nose for an almost cheater five doesn’t count. We’ll teach you the correct techniques for both cross stepping and noseriding. This new challenge of surfing will keep you stoked for years to come! Transitioning from Longboards to Shortboards: We’ve seen it a thousand times. Make the switch with no guidance and your fun factor goes from 10 to ZERO. Learn how to choose the proper shortboard for your size and then learn how to catch waves and surf on it. One lesson is all it takes….


Get Off Your Knees: They call it standup paddleboarding for a reason. You’re supposed to stand up. Learn the balance techniques you skipped as a self-taught beginner. Kneeling in the ocean not only scores zero style points, it’s dangerous, because it brings your face that much closer to the board. Standing up increases your leverage over your board, making it significantly easier to maneuver and get over large lines of whitewater. It only takes one lesson to “evolve” your SUP technique to the next level… First Surf Sessions: Did your first SUP surf session seem more like a hockey fight with a house? The coaches at REAL will break it down into easy to understand steps including swell forecasting, choosing the right break, getting over the whitewater, catching waves and riding them. Invest 3 hours of your time and we’ll set you up with the knowledge and the skills to enjoy the ocean on your SUP. Advanced Waveriding: It’s all in the paddle….It’s all in the paddle. Learn from the pros at REAL how to turn your SUP on a dime! The paddle wasn’t meant to be a balance stick. Find out how to use the paddle to your advantage on every wave. You’ll not only improve your style, you be arcing mega turns and throwing buckets! It only takes one lesson…… Classic Style Noseriding: Do you have a 10+ foot SUP and yearn to be the most stylish rider in the water? Learn the techniques of a drawn out bottom turn, trimming, cross stepping and noseriding on your SUP. The size of your board, and the paddle both make this even easier than in normal surfing. You only need one lesson to learn the fundamentals. After that you have a lifetime to enjoy the benefits! It only takes one lesson to learn the fundamentals of any of the topics listed above. Dedicated the time this Spring and make your 2011 season the best one yet! Advanced reservations are recommended to guarantee space is available on your preferred dates. For more information or to book your lesson, please call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or International 252-987-6000.

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