The Core Story

In August last year, we introduced a new brand to the REAL lineup. This decision came about because we are dedicated to sourcing the very best gear available and the gear that Core are producing really is next level.

If you’re still not familiar with their story or why we’re tipping them to be the best selling brand this year, here are 4 things you need to know:

1. Core kites are designed in Germany and not made in China.
The have gone to such great lengths to ensure high product quality that they even manufacture many of the components (such as the lines) in Germany. The kites themselves are made in a purpose built factory giving them 100% control over quality. They are the masters of minimizing wildcards through efficiency and simplicity.

2. Only 2 kites and 2 year product cycles.
The Core lineup is really simple with just 2 kites available and 1 bar. They make a high performance freestyle kite (the GTS) and your jack of all trades (the Riot). Better yet, they only release new kites every 2 years so your shiny new gear won’t feel out of date in 6 months time.

3. Ultra premium quality
The amount of care and the attention to detail that goes into each and every Core kite has blown us away. The result is gear that will last and last. Everything has been thought of in huge detail. For example, the reason the kites are all yellow & white is because different colored materials stretch and behave in different ways. Keeping the kites the same color maintains the highest quality and control.

4. The kites are good. Really good.
We’ve been testing both kites in Cape Hatteras back to back with many others and they keep coming up aces. We’re particularly fond of the Riot… Hands down, the most astonishing factor in the Riot’s performance is that it feels and turns exactly the same regardless of where the bar is. I.E. when you push the bar all the way away from you to spill power, the kite still turns responds and turns the same!

The video for the Riot is just awesome – it’s almost impossible to watch it and not want to try it out…

What people are saying:

“I’ve been riding RPMs since I started kiteboarding a few years ago. I tested a bunch of kites this year and the GTS gave me all of the comfort I had from the RPM with a lot more performance.” – Carlton, PA

“I was blown away how well the Riot works at both ends of the wind range. I got completely overpowered on my 8 in Costa Rica and I was always in control complete.” – Pete, CT

“The Core 17 is the first big kite that I’ve ever ridden that felt like actual kiteboarding, rather than just being towed around by a tractor trailer.” – Glen, CA

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