Tech Shots: Light Wind Board Test

In Episode 1 of Tech Shots Toby, Matt and Pete embark on an ambitious race to find the best light wind twintip. We’ve got lots of challenges lined up for future episodes so stay tuned for the next episode!

About Tech Shots:

Back in 2001, REAL instituted the “Shot Rule” to keep people from teching out and to keep the focus on fun and what really works. If you were caught teching out, you had to drink a shot of alcohol, and normally it wasn’t an enjoyable one. If you were underage, you had to take a shot of butter. In the end, these shots either stopped people from teching out or the offenders passed out and were rendered useless. The Shot Rule worked…

The REAL Tech Shot series puts fun back into gear testing. Fun?! Isn’t why we all do these sports? We hope you enjoy the REAL Tech Shot series and don’t find yourself neck deep in shots yourself.

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