SUP in Alligator River

You can spend from two to four hours soaking up the sites and sounds of the wildlife refuge while improving your SUP style!

My husband, Zack Johnson, took me on my first SUP adventure through the navigable canals and what a great time. The canal is often used by kayak tours, but as far as we knew taking a SUP through these waters had never been done before and I was prepared to show everyone how it’s done… in style. Wearing a comfortable sundress I embarked on our adventure with every intention to show that standup paddle boarding can be done by anyone and wearing just about anything! One of the beauties of standup paddleboarding is that you only have to get wet if you actually want to.

When my dad came to visit in November we decided to take him to Alligator River to teach him to Standup Paddleboard for the very first time. Having not spent much time in any kind of board sport, he started cautiously, but within minutes his caution had gone out the window and he was cruising ahead of us looking at the scenery and no longer down at his feet.

Two and a half hours later we were back at our cars with huge cheesy grins on our faces having experienced the Alligator River like no one had ever done before. The wind barrier of the tall pine trees and the calm, clean waters make this the spot for families looking for a relaxing day on the water.

This location and a REAL Kids Camp is a great way for children age 7 and over to learn to Standup paddleboard and get hooked on a fun and active sport for life!

Standup Paddleboarding is one sport that can bring anyone from a simple bystander to active participant.

Author: Beth Johnson

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