Stock Is The New Custom

Summer is HERE and we’re surfing in trunks every day. If you forgot to order your custom summer shred stick last January who cares?! Stock is the new Custom!

What does this mean? For the same price as a custom board and 16 less weeks of waiting, you can throw a new stick under your arm and surf it the same day – in your boardshorts. If you ordered a custom at the same time, you can surf it in a 5mm fullsuit with boots and gloves, for the same price, at Christmas.

People used to go custom over stock because most shops have 5-10 boards in stock and they all sucked. Basically you had to go custom to get anything remotely close to what you wanted/needed.

At REAL, we’re receiving 50-100 freshies ever week. Every model, size and construction. Today a guy called up for a …Lost LayZboy 6’0 and we had 4 in stock in three different constructions….what?! At that point, why even consider going custom….GO SURFING!!

When it gets colder and all these boardshort days are behind us, it will be time to pull out the order sheet and write up some custom sleds-which we still do now every day. But summer is short, so get out there and enjoy it. Grab a stick off the rack and go rip it!

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