Solaire Blue Palawan Open | Kite Park League First Stop

Rienstra Palawan

The Solaire Blue Palawan Open took place in the Philippines over the last week.  Wakestyle professionals descended on the Blue Palawan Beach Park to compete in this open format park style competition.  They had good breeze throughout the week and were able to complete men’s and women’s finals, along with the King and Queen of the Kicker.  Check out the daily videos, results, and an epic photo gallery from Toby Bromwich at the bottom.

Mens Finals

King and Queen of the Kicker

Day 6 – Tropical Palawan Lifestyle

Photo Gallery by Toby Bromwich

“The Solaire Blue Palawan Kite Open went off this year with some epic wind conditions. Brandon and I both made it through to the finals but struggled in the gusty wind conditions, missing a lot of our best hits and dropping out of podium contention early. But that didn’t ruin the trip for us at all! Between surfing on the other side of the island and free riding through the mangroves and in the Park, it was a perfect escape from the cold winter in the North.”

-Eric Rienstra, REAL teamrider

Mens Results

1: Sam Light 12.78

2: Ewan Jaspan 12.65

3: Noe Font 10.58

4: Craig Cunningham 10.15

5: Aaron Hadlow 9.33

6: Eric Rienstra 9.28

7: Axel Tack 8.30

8: Brandon Scheid 8.28

9: Christophe Tack 7.98

Womens Results

1: Annelous Lammerts 9.6

2: Colleen Carroll 8.3

3: Sensi Graves 7.4

4: Isabel Von Zastrow 7.3

5: Manuela Jungo 6.6

6: Victoria Soloveykina


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