In 2018, the Hollywood world descended on REAL to capture the excitement, adventure, action, drama (and even love) surrounding the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Writer/executive producer Charlie McKinney had the dream of sharing all that was Triple-S with the world. But to do that, Charlie, and producer/director Andrew Stevens, along with line producer Mitchell Welch, had to repackage it in a way the mainstream public could understand. The final product - Send It - premieres today Tuesday, May 11th on streaming platforms.

If you were to describe this transition from REAL life to movie life, think about these movies- Blue Crush (surfing), Hot Dog (skiing) and Talladega Nights (NASCAR). They’re all based on sports, but they’re action/drama/comedies that pull in the audience and expose them to the culture, the characters and the lifestyle that many don’t immediately see from the outside. SEND IT follows this path, with kiteboarding as its sport and the Wind Voyager  Triple-S Invitational in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina as its backdrop.

The filming of Send It started in 2017 during the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational, then went into high gear in 2018, filming the entire Wind Voyager Triple-S, followed by an additional 30 days onsite at REAL and Watermen’s to film most of the scenes of the movie. That stretch was an intense grind for all involved, but an eye opener and “masterclass” view of what it takes to produce a Hollywood style movie.

The cast of SEND IT includes Kevin Quinn,  Claudia Lee, Patrick Fabian, Denise Richards, and 2Chainz (see full cast below), a star studded list of international pro kiteboarders and many extras from the outer banks local and tourist communities. It was incredible to meet and work with all of these people and through the course of the shoot become our own SEND IT family. Thank you to all of you for bringing your talent, your cool personalities and your love of THE SEND to Cape Hatteras.

SEND IT premieres today Tuesday, May 11th on streaming platforms. Gear up, sit back, and enjoy the ride🤘🏽


@cmckinn1 (Writer, Executive Producer)
@therealandrewstevens (Director, Producer)
@mtchellwelch (Line Producer)


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