Ride the REAL Slider Park

The REAL Slider Park has been added to the list of amenities at Watermen’s Retreat.

New for 2018, guests staying with us at Watermen’s Retreat will now have access to the REAL Slider Park. Think you have the chops to hit the Core Super Kicker or the Liquid Force Reverse Rainbow? Well now is your chance.

All guests of Watermen’s Retreat, Watermen’s Hideout, Watermen’s Oasis and Watermen’s Cabanas will now be able to ride the REAL Slider Park when it is open for riding.

Watermen’s guests may ride the REAL Slider Park whenever it is set up and open for riding. The REAL Lesson Center and REAL Park Rangers will determine features to be pulled out for the session in appropriate conditions.

All Watermen’s guests wanting to ride the REAL Slider Park must sign a liability waiver, ride boots, remove the fins from their board, wear a helmet at all times while riding the park, and check in with the REAL Lesson Center before launching.

REAL Watersports reserves the right to deny access to any rider whose kiteboarding ability is insufficient to safely ride the REAL Slider Park. REAL also reserves the right to deny access to any rider who is unable to follow park riding rules and right of way.

For more info on riding the REAL Slider Park, and to book your stay at Watermen's Retreat, call us at (252) 987-6000.

The REAL Slider Park is reserved for the exclusive use of Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational and Wind Voyager Triple-S OPEN riders May 28th – June 15th, 2018.

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