REAL voted Best Family Beach Vacation!

REAL Kiteboarding has been awarded the “Best Family Beach Vacation in the USA” by Outside Magazine and ABC’s Good Morning America!

Tune in to see the awards on ABC’s Good Morning America, Thursday August 24th, 2006 at 7-9am.

Here are the key ingredients that pushed REAL to the top of the list…

Cape Hatteras National Seashore
The beaches in Cape Hatteras are some of the most beautiful, pristine, and uncrowded in the world. Cape Hatteras has been a regular listing among Leatherman’s Top Ten Beaches in the country. White sand, warm Gulf Stream water, green beach grass, porpoises, turtles, pelicans and more. The cooling effect of the consistent SW and NE winds make even the warmer Summer months extremely pleasant.

REAL Kiteboarding
Ranked by Outside Magazine as one of the Top Ten Adventure Camps in the World, REAL is recognized as the international leader for kiteboarding instruction. REAL has pioneered the teaching techniques of Kite Camps and On the Fly (PWC-assisted teaching and safety). These groundbreaking teaching methods have revolutionized the sport, making it noticeably easier to learn and more accessible to almost anyone willing to learn. REAL recently followed up their world famous REAL Kite Camps with the REAL Instructional DVD Series. These DVDs are now the best selling products in the sport of kiteboarding and the most informative instructional kiteboarding dvds on the market.

“With kiteboarding equipment evolving so rapidly over the past five years, the sport of kiteboarding has become accessible to almost anyone, and perfectly suited for family fun. Kiteboarding is a great sport for the family. You can all share the same equipment, it provides quality family time at the beach together and the wind is free ! The young kids can start flying kiteboarding trainer kites as young as 5 years of age and we have more grandparent riders than you would think!”– Trip Forman, Co-Founder, REAL Kiteboarding

REAL Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras features their own 4 acre private launch site, equipped with 18 coaches, 12 PWCs, and over 250 Kites and 60 Kiteboards. Step off this private launch into an absolutely ideal kiteboarding and learning location with flat, shallow water to the horizon in every direction. Consistent winds blow year round to maximize your time on the water. Local riders get to enjoy their sport 20 days or more every month of the year. Cape Hatteras is the kiteboarding mecca of the world!

Outer Beaches Realty
REAL partnered with Outer Beaches Realty in 2002 to provide their clients with the highest quality accommodations offered on the Outer Banks. Outer Beaches offers an unsurpassed selection of premium quality vacation homes ranging from extremely affordable 2 bedroom beach boxes up to spacious, every option and amenity included, 10 bedroom beachfront mega-homes. Outer Beaches’ home selection, service and customer satisfaction make them the leader of their industry and an obvious choice to make any trip to Cape Hatteras even better!

For more information about booking your family vacation with REAL Kiteboarding, please call them toll free at 866-REAL-548, international at 252-987-6000.

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