REAL Pro Series: Brandon Scheid & Eric Rienstra

With the 2013 Triple-S Invitational right around the corner and the release of Cineaptic’s latest video – we sat down with 2 riders that have been pushing the limits in the REAL slick for years. After chatting with them for a while – we hand picked some of the best answers for our REAL Pro Series:

Pete: Thanks for joining us boys. Let’s start out by asking – what is wakestyle?

Brandon Scheid: Wakestyle is small sect of kiteboarding It focuses on load and pop wake inspired tricks and feature riding: kickers, sliders, rails. Really focusing on tricks that you might see at a cable park rather than at a kiteboarding contest.

Pete: Tell us about the gear you ride:

Eric: For wakeboarding I have the Slingshot Reflex with the Rad boots and with the kite I ride the Assylum 141 – again with the Rad boots – and I rock the Slingshot Fuels.

Brandon: I ride the Liquid Force DLX most of the time for flat water and rails/kickers. I ride them with the closed toe LF Vantage boots. At the cable park I ride the Peak 140, it’s an amazing wakeboard. And for cruisy sessions I ride the Liquid Force LFX – it’s a little bit softer and smoother in the water. I am always riding the Liquid Force Envy.

Pete: Let’s talk about the community aspect of wakestyle. Would you say that is the first thing to get going as you are getting into this side of the sport?

Brandon: Without motivated people to help build, set up and session all the features it’s difficult. Rarely will you find a person that does it all by themselves. It’s great to have a few people to lift and build and drink all the beers you have to buy. The hardest thing about kiteboarding for me is that coming from other sports – you’re basically going riding with your friends. Whether you are out in the lineup, on the lifts or in the street – you are with your friends. With kiteboarding – you hang out for 5 minutes on the beach and then you are by yourself for the whole time on the water. So introducing a community aspect into the sport helps bring me back to that fun time with friends rather than a fun time by yourself.

Pete: Thanks again for joining us guys – good luck at the Triple-S.

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