REAL Private Kiteboarding Lessons

From Zero to Hero on day 3 of private lessons with Z F Guntle 🎥  : Esben Boxer

REAL Private Lessons are our most popular instructional program for learning to kiteboard. Private Lessons allows you to have one on one attention with a REAL Coach and focus on the subject material that is most important to you. Private lessons are scheduled seven days a week and are available in half day or full day increments. 

Key Features of REAL Private Lessons:

One on One Coaching:

With one on one coaching you can learn at your own speed. If you want to take more time working on safety and water relaunch, you can do that. If you are progressing rapidly and want to try jumping, you can do that too. There is no one rushing you and no pressure from a group. It is just you, your REAL coach and good times on the water.

Private Launch:

Launching and landing at REAL is reserved for our students in lessons and guests of Watermen’s Retreat only. This keeps the experience uncrowded, safe and fun. Our launch site is four acres of beautiful Bermuda grass equipped with air compressors to make inflating the largest kites and wings easy and fast.

Exclusive Coaching Terrain:

During your Private Lesson, you have access to a variety of terrain that will allow you to learn in conditions that best suit the day and what you are working on. From REAL, we can teach in all wind directions for all kite sports. If we’re teaching your kids, we can find really shallow waters to make them feel comfortable with the kite. If you are learning to foil, we will get you out in the “Watermen’s Foil Garden” for the perfect depth to ride a foil. We can also guide our more advanced lessons into some of the best conditions for flat water kiting to the best wave kiting out there.

“On the Fly” Jet Ski Support:

REAL invented “On the Fly” coaching for teaching kiteboarding in 1998. Since then, we have continued to evolve our program to use the jet ski as a tool to access the best conditions for your riding ability level. Each coach has their own jet ski so they will also be right there to give you instruction while you are learning. No need for head sets or shouting from the beach when your coach is tracking you on a jet ski. They can also shoot video to review your progress. If you need a water break or the coach needs to demonstrate a specific technique, you will switch up and watch your REAL Coach show you how it’s done.

Premium Rental Equipment:

Always the right gear for the perfect session. We spend countless hours testing all the kiteboarding equipment on the market, so we can choose what will work best for every type of lesson. During your Private Lesson, you will have full access to the REAL Rental Shop that is stocked with the latest kites, boards, wings and foils. You will be able to seamlessly switch out kite sizes, board sizes or even sports during your lesson. Your rental equipment is included in the price of your lesson for the duration of your lesson.

With REAL’s exclusive coaching terrain, “On the Fly” coaching with jet ski support, ample premium kiteboarding rental equipment and the best kiteboarding conditions in the world, you’ll undoubtably have a positive experience learning to kiteboard at REAL.

To book your REAL Private Lessons, call a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at

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