REAL Peru 2010 Session Report #3

When in Doubt…..4 Rules of the Road during REAL Peru 2010:

  • Sessions before Schedules
  • Don’t Bring Home your Catch
  • Don’t Get Drunk and Brush your Teeth (with tap water)
  • Finish your Drink!

REAL Peru 2011 is scheduled for August 5th-15th and we are taking reservations. If you are interested in coming with us in August 2011, please call us at 866-REAL-548 or email us HERE for more info.

August 11, 2010

The rule of 3s

We split off into two groups again today. The home team of Jon, Tiana, and Todd kicked back, relaxed pool side, explored and kited in the afternoon. The wind came up late but it came on strong. Jon said he got super litt on the 2010 Havoc 12m right out front. They all enjoyed the luxury of kiteboarding on the beach in front of the house.

The excursion team chased the surf up to the long wave and we had quite the adventure. It started out with Feruco’s tire going flat. Not a big deal. 10 minutes later and a visit from the ice cream man and we were good to go.

We made the call to go and ride a kite spot that would be a little more mellow than the long wave. Half way through the road rally we lost the Land Cruiser with the trailer, so we turned back to find them. We arrived with the car on the side of the road and everyone scavenging around in the dirt looking for parts. The Cruiser was jacked up and one of the tires completely exploded, and the bearings shot out of the wheel on the trailer! Three messed up wheels in one day. That must be some kind of record. Sodie and Captain Ron pieced the trailer back together with plastic, metal, and some other stuff from the side of the road, Slezy changed the tire on the Cruiser, and on we went.

The day ended with a powered up kite session on 8m and 9m kites and incoming swell. Jonathan, Dave, and Todd the cowboy were push their limits in the big surf and taking their riding to the next level.

August 12, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

Today we woke to an amazing Peruvian sunrise and a solid step up in swell size. This was REAL team rider Josh Mulcoy’s first morning on the REAL Peru 2010 trip and also Matt Nuzzos’ last day. So first thing a group of us hit Punta Billanis for a morning surf and scored some fun chest to head high racy lefts. Nuzzo had some great backside hacks on his Lost Squash-It and was trying to fit as many waves into his last dawn patrol that he could. Sodie was really making his 6’2″ Rawson Impala work and was making section after section. Josh and I both surfed our Stretch Pugs which were perfect to get into the quick waves early while still being able to lay down some deep gouges!

After our surf I joined Todd, along with some other guests, for the morning yoga class. Johanna Siskar is a great instructor and provides an amazing way to stretch and unwind after a great breakfast and morning surf. We then loaded the trucks and headed back to Tres Cruces, one of our more frequented kite and surf spots that we have been hitting. The eager kiters in the group headed out as soon as we arrived at the spot and scored a short session before the wind backed down a bit. Erich Bluhm, Dave Johnson, and Sodie caught the best of the wind while the others chose to stay on land and practice self launching and self landing on the wide open beaches at Tres Cruces.

Matt had to catch a taxi to the Piura airport so he hopped in the water for a final surf. The wave looked deceivingly small and not that fun until Matt caught his first wave. Immediately Todd and I joined him and traded off waves for the next hour or so with both of us surfing 6′ 2″ Liquid Force Rawson kitesurf boards. The crew on the beach said that they stopped counting at 15 top turns on a few of the waves!!

While we were at Tres, Josh Mulcoy scored the the perfect “welcome to Peru” surf session at El Waico. It was almost double overhead with NO ONE out!! Josh was a little undergunned on his 5’7″ Stretch Pug, but being the surfer that he is was able to make it work much better than I would have imagined further supporting the fact that you can surf pretty much any board that you can paddle out on.

Our group checked one last surf spot, Panic Point, on the way home. However the tide was too full causing the wave to break too much on the rocks. So we headed back for an amazing dinner of seared fresh tuna steaks and mashed sweet potatoes which was followed by a relaxing bonfire on the beach, put together by John Cambell, to end the day.

August 13, 2010

Rest to Impress

After 6 days of non- stop sessioning and early departures we decided, as a group to enjoy a morning of relaxation around Samana Chakra. Jonathan Wilkens joined Josh Mulcoy for a surf at Mancora while some of the others enjoyed Yoga, exploring town, and lounging by the pool. The wind filled in as we enjoyed a delicious tuna tartar and pasta lunch and the call was made to head south for stronger wind and fun waves. John Campbell and Tianna stayed behind to session at Mancora and relax on the beach.

When we pulled up to Cabo Blancio there were already a few 9m’s in the air and the waves were rolling in and getting better with the incoming tide. Everyone in our crew sessioned for the entire day in the playful lefts. It has been so impressive to see all of our groups wave riding skills improve so much. Ronald Tremblay and his son Martin are now hooked on wave riding and there smiles get bigger every day! Erich Bluhm, Dave Johnson, and Jonathan Wilkens are all linking turns down the line and hacking the lip like they have been shredding in the waves for years!

As we headed back to town the car ride was quiet and all of our were filled with smiles as we watched the sun sink into the water. 7 days in Peru and 7 days of sessions, not a bad ratio, and with a solid forecast for the remainder of REAL Peru 2010 it is looking like we are going be batting 100%!

August 14, 2010

Today was another beautiful Peruvian morning with a colorful sunrise and some small swell rolling in. The main surf break was not quite happening in Mancora so we took advantage of the daily yoga classes and a number of guests read and chilled out by the pool.

We loaded up after lunch and headed to Cabo Blanquillo and caught a really fun kitesurf session. Jonathan WIlkens and Dave Johnson, both on Liquid Force Havocs were the first out on the water linking together better and more consistent turns than ever before in their lives! Maj and Tianna both charged out on to the water to get some as well.

One of the coolest things I have witnessed on REAL Peru 2010 is watching Ronald Tremblay and his son Martin session together each day! Ronald and his wife Sylvie have been coming on both the REAL BVI trips and REAL Peru 2009 and spend more time on the water together than any other couple I have ever witnessed! It is awesome to see that his son shares the same passion for the sport as he does. Everyone could see how happy and proud it made Ronald to see Martin improve each and every day, they were always smiling and high five-ing each other after getting off of the water.

A strange fog/marine layer rolled in and made the wind a bit funky by the end of the day so we opted to pack it in and head back to Mancora for dinner and a night out.

Out on the town tonight to see what kind of trouble we can get into. Most of the crew is amped to check out what Mancora has to offer….but remember one of the 4 rules of REAL Peru 2010….”Don’t bring your catch home!”

August 15, 2010

Last Day

This morning was a slow one with everyone sleeping in a bit later than normal. Our night on the town ended up being super mellow but very fun. Erich Bluhm decided to order the worst drinks in Peru and then proceeded to fall out of his chair on purpose a countless number of times. He has also shown a fondness for the local stray dogs and is starting to scare us in how affectionate he is towards them. We are hoping that there is not going to be a need for an intervention before he leaves Peru!

We loaded up and left at 10:30am so that we could spend the last full day at Tres Cruces. When we arrived the wind filled in and some small waves were breaking off of the point. Everyone started to rig up as Josh ran to the water to catch a few waves surfing before going for a kite. Josh then rigged up his 2011 LF Havoc 10m and proceeded to pull into every single shorebreak barrel that he could find! David Johnson, the Tremblays, Erich Bluhm, Jeff, Jonathan Wilkens, John Campbell, Tianna, and Maj all joined Josh for a short but fun session. As the wind started fading riders started going downwind so we ran vehicle shuttles to allow everyone to get the most out of their session.

While we were packing up Sodie took out his Rawson Impala to take advantage of the glassed off waves. He paddled into a few good ones and then we hit the road back to Mancora to catch our last Samana Chakra dinner. Amazing dinner, as always, with a few bottles of wine and some cocktails around the bonfire provided a perfect end to the last night of REAL Peru 2010.

REAL Peru 2011 is scheduled for August 5th-15th and we are taking reservations. If you are interested in coming with us in August 2011, please call us at 866-REAL-548 or email us HERE for more info.

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