REAL Peru 2010 Session Report #2

When in Doubt…..4 Rules of the Road during REAL Peru 2010:

• Sessions before Schedules
• Don’t Bring Home your Catch
• Don’t Get Drunk and Brush your Teeth (with tap water)
• Finish your Drink!

REAL Peru 2011 is scheduled for August 5th-15th and we are taking reservations. If you are interested in coming with us in August 2011, please call us at 866-REAL-548 or email us HERE for more info.

August 9, 2010

The End of the Earth

We took a long bumpy road today out on the face of Mars. Sick scenery. Very drastic rock outcroppings plummet into the Pacific Ocean. There wasn’t supposed to be much in the way of surf, so we thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to make “surfboards mandatory”.

The beach we ended up at had a small pile of rocks that the waves pushed off of and a huge long sandy beach. We rigged 9m and 10m and hit it! Slezy held a waveriding clinic on the beach with our guests while Elkus and I demonstrated the difference between front side and backside riding. This location had a perfect waist high wave that peeled down a sandy beach.

All day long, everyone sessioned themselves until they couldn’t walk. Surfboards were the call for the day and everyone on the trip progressed to levels that they never thought were possible.

Tommorrow looks like more of the same on tap. A morning surf session further south and then back to this same kite beach.

August 10, 2010

Divide and Conquer

We split into two groups today. Two excursion vans went off-roading deep to the south and one stayed local. The local van launched a group on a two hour downwinder in small waves through town. Everyone had a blast and we caught them sipping mojitos by the pool when we returned home!

The southbound vans hit the streets by 9am to catch a surf before the wind juiced up too much. The surf was waist to head high and most of the crowd moved out by the time we showed up. This wave is the “perfect wave”. I didn’t understand, when Trip told me to bring the smallest short board that I thought would float me. Now I know and the 6’ …LOST Squash-It was perfect. You walk to the point, paddle for 10 seconds and you are at the peak. Taking off was not hard and once you were on the wave you could mess up as much as you want and have plenty of time to recover. It is a truly perfect surfing wave!

Gary kited a bit while the rest of us surfed wave after wave. The wind started to nuke and blow Gary off the 2011 Envy 9m, we packed up in a sand storm and headed south to the spot we rode yesterday.

On the way out we took a look at the next point upwind where there were a few kites in the water. This supposedly works a little better on a bit bigger swell, but it looked like an insane kite spot to me. I have a date with this wave before I leave Peru!

At the big beach we rode yesterday, with the nice protected hang out spot, we all rigged 8m, 9m, and 10m kites. I got Martin out on the 2011 Naish Park 10m and he loved it. He said that it felt a lot faster and quicker than the 10m Cabrinha Switchblade and 10m Slingshot RPM he had been riding. I took out his 2010 RPM 10m and Slezy’s backup Liquid Force kitesurf board. The wave and conditions are so perfect here! Today the wave was a little bigger and it went a lot longer. You wouldn’t realize how far you rode on the same wave until you turned to tack back upwind. I tested the 2011 Liquid Force Havoc against the 2010 Slingshot RPM. The Havoc had all the good things about the RPM plus a faster, quicker, sportier feel. There was no adjustment period, just improvements.

A bouncy ride back home, a super sized beer by the pool, and the sunset melting into the ocean made for a complete day. 4 days in Peru and 4 sick days of sessions. The new swell is coming on Thursday, and we saw it starting to show on our coastal cruise home…… nice timing because REAL International Surf and Kite Team member Josh Mulcoy joins us tomorrow for the rest of the trip!

REAL Peru 2011 is scheduled for August 5th-15th and we are taking reservations. If you are interested in coming with us in August 2011, please call us at 866-REAL-548 or email us HERE for more info.

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