REAL on National Public Radio

REAL Kiteboarding on NPR

Did you hear about kiteboarding on your car stereo?

National Public Radio broadcasted a national radio program on kiteboarding July 7th, at 1:55pm EST.

This program was recently recorded at REAL kiteboarding with the help of REAL co-founder Trip Forman, REAL rider and coaches Jason Slezak and Dave Lawrence.

This show was brought to NPR by Rob Sachs, who works for NPR and has been striving to develop new shows for NPR that are attractive to younger, more athletic listening audiences. His most recent piece involved the interviewing and story about famous surfboard shaper Al Merrick. For those of you who don’t know who Al Merrick is, he is the personal board shaper for many of the world’s top professional surfers including Kelly Slater.

The NPR Show is called “Day to Day” and it airs on over 100 markets nationwide.

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