REAL in TIME Magazine

REAL in TIME Magazine

Kiteboarding goes mainstream…

You know our sport is evolving to “legit” status when the national media takes notice. This week in the June 21, 2004 issue of TIME magazine, they take a look at kiteboarding as the fastest growing sport for the new millenium.

Relating the growth of kiteboarding to the explosive popularity and growth of snowboarding… saying “Ever heard of kiteboarding? Don’t worry, 20 years ago no one had ever heard of snowboarding either…”

TIME interviewed REAL co-founder Trip Forman and accompanied the article with a picture of REAL head coach Zack Young, cruising through “The Slick” just upwind of the REAL Lesson Center.

It seems as if the rest of the world is watching both TIME Magazine and REAL as well, as we have been flooded with interview and media requests.

Look for REAL Kiteboarding next in Sports Illustrated in two weeks!

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