Sailor to Sailor | Trip Forman and Peter Isler Talk Kiteboarding

Trip Forman joins Peter Isler on the America Sailing Association “Inside Sailing” show to talk about all things kiteboarding.

Peter Isler is a 2 time America’s Cup winner, winner/recorder setter or holder of the Newport Bermuda Race, Transatlantic Race and Transpacific Race, as well as a winner of the Collegiate Sailor of the Year award when he attended Yale University. Peter’s also an avid kiteboarder and graduate of REAL’s Zero 2 Hero program. 

Peter Isler and the crew aboard Roy Disney’s Volvo 70 Pyewacket just shattered the Cabo Race record, shaving 14 hours off the previous record which stood since 2005. Ken Read, North Sails president was on the wheel straight off the plane from his stint as an America’s Cup commentator. Pyewacket carried a full North Sails inventory.

Hit play on the video above to watch the full show where Trip and Peter talk sailor to sailor and discuss the roots of kiting, how it relates to sailing, and all the different craft you can shred on.


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