Meet the Dingo Family: 3 new shapes from the mad mind of Maurice Cole

Maurice Cole Dingo Family Surfboards

“The Dingo is a tireless hunter, known to cross huge expanses of open terrain in search of its prey…”

Are you a tireless wave hunter? Will you go the distance to track down good waves no matter what, scrapping your way through currents, crowds, and closeouts to chase down the gems and tear the bag out of them? Australian master shaper Maurice Cole channeled the spirit of the dingo to create his new Dingo Family of boards: endlessly adaptable, swift and powerful, and more than a little mischievous. Read on to learn about the Dirty Dingo, Red Dingo, and Black Dingo, three wildly fun boards that refuse to be tamed…

The Dirty Dingo

“Cultural opinions about the dingo are often based on its perceived “cunning”, and the idea that it is an intermediate between civilization and wildness…”

The Dirty Dingo is the “OG” of the Dingo Family. The board boasts a huge wave range from weak and mushy to steep and barreling, with an extra dose of smaller-wave performance thrown in to keep the fun going even in mediocre conditions. Maurice Cole’s signature full-length sharp rails and deep concave make this board a lifty, drivey speed demon in all types of waves. We set the Dirty Dingo up with the 5-piece Blackline Traction Pad, and it’s a perfect fit.
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The Red Dingo

“Dingoes often adjust their hunting strategies to suit circumstances…”

The Red Dingo is a mid length performance hybrid that combines speed, maneuverability and high wave count. The design evolved out of Maurice’s personal surfing experiences: he wanted a board that could adapt and stay competitive in crowded lineups, without sacrificing speed, flow, and maneuverability. Don’t be fooled by the length on these boards, the performance levels are through the roof. The Red Dingo isn’t a “funboard”, it’s just a wildly fun board! The Red Dingo will keep you out surfing with the longboarders but also packing tubes on the better days. Tons of paddle power + huge wave range = killer sessions every time.  
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The Black Dingo

“The loose family group in which the dingo lives is kept within a core territory which it protects. Its total range, however, is far larger and often overlaps with that of other groups.…”

Range, Range, Range. From staying wet on the small days to navigating big open water lineups, the Black Dingo’s outline is easy to paddle yet still feels stable at speed on large wave faces. This board’s combination of outline, thickness, tail shape, bottom shape and rail profile is unique to what’s going on with the current design trends. The Black Dingo’s smooth foam flow and sleek foil, combined with its unique longer outline sets it apart from the rest both in looks and performance. If there’s a “Swiss Army Knife” in the Maurice Cole shaping bay, this is it. The Black Dingo makes the perfect “one and done” travel quiver if you want to keep your gear and board choices focused. Dakine Bruce Irons Pro Traction Pad, and it’s a perfect fit.
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