...Lost Surfboards C4 Construction with Matt "Mayhem" Biolos

Matt "Mayhem" Biolos was in the REAL Board Loft to talk about his favorite alternative surfboard construction, ...Lost C4.

C4 is a new high tech, alternative surfboard construction available in select production series ...Lost Surfboards, as well as being available to custom order in all models of ...Lost Surfboards.

C4 construction features:
•Stringerless EPS/Epoxy construction
•Thin layer of cork laminated into deck layup
•Carbon centerline reinforcement strips top and bottom
•Carbon tail patches

The benefits of cork are:
•Added deck durability
•Vibration absorption
•Cork is flexible so board still flexes and has spring

The C4 boards from ...Lost are light, responsive and have great spring out of the turns. This makes C4 the perfect construction for grovelers and larger boards, where lightweight equals better performance. The vibration absorption qualities of the cork cancel out that chattery feeling you often feel in lighter weight epoxy boards.For more information on C4 construction, or to place your order for stock or custom order C4 ...Lost Surfboards, please give us a call at the shop 252-987-6000 or email us at REALpro@REALwatersports.com.

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