Lost and Found GoPro Camera

Facebook Lost and Found GoPro Camera
Who is this Standup Paddleboarder?

Zach Wilson lost his GoPro waterproof camera while standup paddleboarding in Cape Hatteras last year. 10 months, 15 miles and 1 major hurricane later, his camera was found in Avon by Rick Spink. Rick opened the camera to find 1,000 photos on the memory card and sent some of these photos to REAL to help identify the owner. Pete Hardie at REAL then posted some of the pictures on the REAL Facebook Page. From there this story took off and has spread literally across the country!

The Lost and Found GoPro Camera reunited via Facebook!
“Can you help identify this guy? A nice guy named Rick Spink found a GoPro washed up on the beach in Avon, NC and contacted us for help.

The camera is fried but the SD card has loads of good pictures on it. He was riding a Surftech SUP Laird Pearson Arrow with a REAL sticker on it…..?! Its an awesome picture – please help us return it to its owner. – Pete.”
See the original Facebook Post and all the comments here.

Avon resident makes picture-perfect find on the beach
“The scratched and scuffed plastic case that Rick Spink found Sunday during his beach walk gave no indication of the treasure it contained.”
Read Virginia Pilot Newspaper Story

An Underwater Camera Adventure
“It began as a fun little project for Regina’s Zack Wilson, who wanted to take some pictures off the coast of North Carolina. But when Zach lost his camera at sea, he thought his memories had been lost for good.”
Listen to CBC Zach Wilson/Rick Spink Interview

Vacationer’s camera surfaces from Atlantic, pics intact
“A Saskatchewan man who lost his digital camera while paddle-boarding on the Atlantic Ocean months ago was surprised to learn it was found — and continued snapping images every five seconds as it was last set to do.”
Yahoo CA Top Stories

Camera lost in Atlantic Ocean found
“Rustie Dean sits down with Zack Wilson who lost his camera in the Atlantic Ocean 10 months ago and it was found last week.”
Watch it on Global News – Global Regina

Canadian Morning Show Piece
Paddle boarder on finding his camera after it fell in the ocean. Story starts at 06:40.
Watch it on Canada AM – CTV

Camera resurfaces 10 months after sinking into Atlantic
“Zach Wilson, an adventure sports enthusiast and film-maker was paddle-boarding off North Carolina’s Outer Banks in May of last year with a friend, when his GoPro digital camera went missing.”
Full write up and front page story on www.ctvnews.ca – CTV News Canada

Lost GoPro Camera
Here is Zach almost finding the camera …. sooooo close! -Rick Spink
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