Lib Tech Waterboards - Review for Kitesurfing

We’ve been busy riding and testing Lib Tech Waterboards to see how they perform as kitesurf boards and the results are impressive. Overall we were particularly interested in the how the board feels when you are riding it and how it holds up to the abuse of strapless kitesurfing.


These strongest parts of the board are the rails. I bashed the rails against metal and into the ground and there wasn’t a mark. This is a really impressive feat and will add years to the lifetime of your Waterboard. I found that after heavy use the deck does show minor signs of heel marks which is normal for all surfboards. This doesn’t affect the strength of the board and will actually make it more comfortable to ride. Again these indents are really minor (almost unnoticeable) but we like to be as honest as possible in our reviews so it’s worth mentioning.


I was really surprised at the soft and responsive feel of the board. Most super-strong surfboards feel very stiff and aren’t fun to ride. The Libtech is surprising – it feels very close to my regular PU/Poly surfboards in both flex and “softness”. I tested the Vert and did find that I felt more comfortable using a slightly wider stance than I’m used to.

Pete Hardie testing the Lib Tech Waterboards for Kitesurfing

Final Verdict

There’s no question that Lib Tech Waterboards are perfect for kitesurfing. The range of boards makes a lot of sense and the pricing is very reasonable – I think these boards are going to be a huge hit with strapless kitesurfers all over the world.


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