Kneel Down Paddleboarding

With REAL team members starting windsurfing in 1976, kiting in 1998 and standup paddleboarding in 2004, it’s no wonder they’re about to pop the cork on the newest, and hottest, sport known to H20-kind.

REAL Co-Founder Trip Forman with the new 5-4 REAL KNUP

Kneel Down Paddleboarding (KNUP)
Kneel Down Paddleboarding. You heard it right. Kneel Down Paddleboarding… Think about Standup Paddleboarding on performance enhancing drugs, just like half the Tour de France. No more balancing…no more huge boards…no more long arcing turns. Just kneeling down and getting dirty!

“After getting into the sport in 2004, when all of us were standing up on the boards, and then watching as the sport grew, the one thing we noticed was that 4 out of every 5 SUP’ers surveyed preferred to kneel down than stand up. Even when they were designing their own custom boards, time after time, they sized them too small to stand up. We figured, why wait for someone else to figure this out. We’re getting on this train and ride it!” – Matt Nuzzo REAL Co-Founder

REAL KNUPS : 4’4, 5’4 and 6’0, custom designed by Bill “Stretch” Riedel
Coming into the Summer of 2013, and 3-years ahead of the curve, REAL is proud to announce their new line of Kneel Down Paddleboards (KNUPS) designed specifically to cater to the kneel down paddler. In cohorts with Stretch, a mad scientist in his own right, REAL is knocking down the walls on KNUP design with their new line of boards.

“We decided to work with Stretch on this project because he is the most open minded. Think about it.. he re-invented the quad, dropped hammers on tow surfing and paved the way for eps/epoxy surfboards. Who better than Stretch to sew the seeds for kneelers to start blowing minds…” – Trip Forman REAL Co-Founder

Bill “Stretch” Riedel

“All the current SUP boards were created for standing up the entire time. Once we found out that people were kneeling over 50% of the time, we knew we could shrink the length and reduce the volume to a whole new level. Think about Mike Stewart trying to bodyboard Pipeline on an 11’ board. No way, it would never happen. Once we realized that nobody was even standing up anyway, we knew it was game on!” – Bill “Stretch” Riedel : Designer/Shaper Stretch Surfboards

The basic design theory behind these KNUP boards is to keep them super short and incredibly wide – so wide that you never fall off, even if you fall down. We wanted everyone to feel like a hero on their very first run. We also wanted them to be adaptable to Yoga-KNUP, as we see this as a growing trend in KNUP circles. When sizing you’re KNUP, you want to run then 3-4ft shorter than your high performance SUP.

*Each REAL KNUP is equipped with an adjustable KNUP paddle that allows you to transition from SUP/KNUP to full KNUP.

KNUP Revolutionaries

Clay Feeter : Publisher & Founder Standup Paddle Journal

“Being that the crew at REAL are always way ahead of the curve, it’s not surprising to see them so far ahead with this next evolving sport. The sport (standup paddleboarding) is going through an identity crisis right now. How can you expect 100 million people to take up the sport of “standup paddleboarding” when every time potential newbies see it, people are kneeling down. I think REAL is on the right track with KNUP and will definitely help take the sport to the next level.” – Clay Feeter : Publisher & Founder “Standup Paddle Journal”

Dan Gavere

“The first time I tried the REAL KNUP boards, I was blown away. I tried standing, but they actually felt more performance oriented when I was kneeling. I fell once, then again, and I was STILL on the board! It was amazing. These things are going the revolutionize KNUP rapids riding and waterfall drops.” – Dan Gavere – SUP/KNUP Pro and Instructor Trainer

Nick Stuart

“I tried convincing Robby Naish (the only SUP’er who’s never been seen kneeling) for 6 months straight that this was the next sport that was going to go richter. You would think he wasn’t the one who blew up windsurfing then kitesurfing. He was always 5 years ahead of everyone else… I can’t believe he didn’t see this one coming. When he said no for the 3rd time, I decided to leave Naish to join Slingshot for the beginning of the kneel down revolution.” – Nick Stuart : Board Designer, Sports Promoter, Model

“When it comes to being ahead of the trends, even creating the trends, Slingshot Sports has always been on the leading edge. Our new 4’6 and 5’6 KNUP series called the “Space Choads” are so short they can actually fit in the back seat of a standard sedan.” – Jeff Logosz Founder Slingshot Sports

MJ Reeves CEO Pocahontas KNUP

“Once we heard it for the final time that there was no way Robby was getting into this, we knew it was time to go out on our own and start up our own brand,…. “Pocahontas”. The Gorge has always been the center of active watersports (at least for 3 months a year when the water isn’t snow) and this is the perfect place for active kneelers to push this sport forward into the next millenium.” – MJ Reeves CEO Pocahontas KNUP

“ KNUP’ing is going to unveil a whole new need for board accessories and Dakine will be there to fill the niche. Knee pads, elbow pads, shorter paddles, even ergonomically designed deckpads with knee scallops, it’s all on the design table and Dakine is leading the way!” – Bill Morrissey Dakine SUP/KNUP International Sales International Manager

Bucking the Trend…

Robbie Naish SUP Jaws

“These guys at REAL are completely out of their mind. Rather than calling bullsh#t on all the posers kneeling down, they’re selling out and making a board specifically for them. You simply have no leverage on your knees and are a sitting duck. I don’t see this sport going anywhere.” – Robby Naish 27x World Windsurfing Champion

Bud: Repo Man Standup Paddleboards

“I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees…” Bud : Repo Man Standup Paddleboards

Why do you want a REAL KNUP?
Well, that’s like asking a windsurfer why they want to kite…in 2001. You can ride smaller gear, throw huge spray and make soft conditions seem bigger, all in your own backyard. When it’s head high on a SUP, it’s double overhead on a KNUP. Need we say more?! Even on skateboards, people are kneeling down and seeing the advantages. Check out this video of a first time skate KNUP’er feeling the flow right here on the OBX:

***For more REAL KNUP info or to place your order for the new REAL KNUP 4’4, 5’4 or 6’0 complete with SUP/KNUP transition paddle, please call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or International 252-987-6000.

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