Kiteboarding Magazine 10 Year Edition

kiteboarding magazine top 10 most influential people in kiteboarding
Trip Forman and Matt Nuzzo, the Co-Founders of REAL Kiteboarding, were recently named among the “Top 10 Most Influential People in the History of Kiteboarding” by Kiteboarding Magazine.

Cited as the people who made kiteboarding accessible to the masses, Trip, Matt and REAL now teach over 6,000 students annually and have taught over 32,000 students to date.

This is what Kiteboarding Magazine had to say about Trip, Matt and REAL:

Forman and Nuzzo make Top 10 List!

Trip Forman and Matt Nuzzo
Kite School Revolutionaries

As the inventors of REAL Kiteboarding’s kite camp, a destination-based learn-to-kite experience, Matt Nuzzo and Trip Forman have made kiting accessible to the masses since 2001. They made it easy enough even for Matt Lauer from the Today show to learn how to kiteboard, and their school has taught the sport to over 32,000 others as well.

Before REAL Kiteboarding, many instructors sent newbie’s on the water by themselves, sometimes with a waterproof walkie-talkie, if they were lucky. REAL created ‘on-the-fly’ coaching to use personal watercraft as a teaching tool so instructors can be with students 100 percent of the time and make the experience as fun and safe as possible. The approach earned REAL Outside magazine’s “Top 10 Adventure Camps in the World” distinction in 2004. Ever since they’ve been helping turn an extreme sport into a mainstream activity.

Forman and Nuzzo on being named among the “Top 10 List”:

“When Trip and I put together our thoughts about what REAL would become, we knew exactly what we wanted it to be, but to be living it now is more than a dream. I pinch myself every morning when I walk through the REAL Flagship Store. To be honored as one of the most influential people in the sport is amazing.” – Matt Nuzzo Co-Founder REAL Kiteboarding

“I have to give credit back to where credit is due. Everyone at REAL has made this achievement possible because the entire team has put in their individual talents to make something that is truly amazing. Special thanks to all our clients, friends and team for making the last ten years unforgettable! – Trip Forman Co-Founder REAL Kiteboarding

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