REALs Zack Johnson during Katia swell

Hurricane Irene News : Cape Hatteras, NC

September 13th update

Thanks for staying tuned in! You can find daily updates and photos on our REAL facebook page :

REAL is OPEN 7 days a week. Our hours of operation are:
Monday thru Friday : 9am – 8pm ET
Saturday and Sunday : 9am – 6pm ET

The REAL Flagship Store in Cape Hatteras is open daily by appointment or you can order online at and choose “Store Pickup : REAL Flagship Store”.

NCDOT has filled the road back in north of Rodanthe at S-Turns. This was a “large” breach compared to storms of the past, but is smaller than the Ranger Station Inlet. At the Ranger Station they are installing a military bridge, which they hope to have completed by the end of the month.

While the S-Turns inlet was open there was an incredible river mouth surf break there with perfect A-frame waves. This lasted until about two days ago, as the break is now resembling more classic style S-Turns beach break, still good on the good days.

Dare County has announced that they will begin letting VISITORS back on the island starting 7am Thursday, September 15th. This is for visitors staying in Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras villages only as these towns were hit less hard during the storm). Entry into these villages will be by ferry from Cedar Island or Swan Quarter, NC. Ferry Reservations are required.

**We’re not sure how they will keep people out of the Tri-Villages (Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo), so when you head up to REAL, please be mindful and respectful of local residents working on their properties, offer to lend a hand, but PLEASE do not drive around on a sightseeing tour. Many have lost their homes and all of their possessions in the flood associated with Hurricane Irene.

Dare County also announced today that they will not be letting visitors enter into Tri-Villages (Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo) until at least Thursday, September 29th. We will keep you posted on this date as the county gives us updates.

Sessions – Sessions – Sessions! : This week looks like consistent long period southeast swell from Tropical Storm Maria hooking off to the northeast well offshore from Cape Hatteras. For kiting, we also have our next solid northeast blow coming in later in the week! This should make for some unbelievable surf kiting, as the swell builds to over 12ft.

**The new “Fall Season” : October and November in Cape Hatteras!

THANK YOU to everyone for staying tuned in and offering your support. We know you’re dying to get back on the island!!!! Get ready for October and November in Cape Hatteras, it’s going to be a killer ride!!

Keep posted to Facebook for daily updates on the clean up effort in Cape Hatteras.

Tuesday, September 6th
By Trip Forman

IRENATHON continues thru Friday, September 9th with an additional storewide savings of 20% by using promo code IRENE20. This discount is valid on all online purchases for all inventory in stock, but does not include 2012 kiteboarding equipment. It does include all surfboards, standup paddleboards, skateboards, clothing, sunglasses, watches and accessories. SALE ends Friday, September 9th at midnight.

REAL is OPEN 7 days a week via phone 252-987-6000 or toll free 866-REAL-548 and shipping orders daily via Fed Ex and UPS.

The facilities at REAL and Watermens are intact and in good shape. We will be able to receive clients as soon as visitors are allowed onto Cape Hatteras.

NCDOT is now working 24 hours a day rebuilding Hwy 12. Cape Hatteras Electric has restored hard line electricity to the island. NC Governor Purdue secured $10mm in federal disaster funds to install a temporary military bridge across the largest of the three breaches. This is at the “Ranger Station”. The two smaller breaches will be filled and re-paved. All government agencies have been quoted at “less than 1 month” for repairs to be made and vehicle traffic re-established on Hwy 12.

Hurricane Katia is delivering a strong SE groundswell to Cape Hatteras with favorable winds for both kitesurfing and surfing depending on the breaks you choose. There are a bunch of new breaks up and down the island and the sessions have been incredible. The swell is predicted to top out in Cape Hatteras on Thursday, September 8th at 15ft @ 14 seconds. This storm is forecasted to swing NE well before reaching the US east coast, making it the perfect wave maker for surfers and kitesurfers in the Caribbean northward up to Eastern Canada.
THANK YOU for your support during IRENATHON and into the Fall season!

September 3, 2011
The reports from Cape Hatteras are of a few new mysto waves that have formed from the New Inlets north of Rodanthe. There are a lot of hushed tones and secret missions to special new sand bars that have popped up all over the island. With a chest high swell in the water and a new one on the way, everyone is getting super stoked on their surf and kite sessions.

There is a massive uprising starting for IRENATHON all over the country. Surfer, kiters and standup paddlers are getting the major hook up on all the brands at REAL, and the word is spreading like wild fire.

Gary from New Jersey said, “I just picked up a UFO 6’2 with leash, bag, and shipping and it was still only $400. I just told my buddy and he is getting a new Rawson. With more swell on the way we could not be more stoked to get in the water!”

With limited inventory, you need to act quickly if you see a board or a kite you want. Shipping resumed on September 1 and packages are flying out the door.

Dare County has released the following statement regarding visitor re-entry to Cape Hatteras:
“Cape Hatteras Island Emergency Management advises that visitor re-entry will not begin until sometime after September 17. As vital services are restored and the infrastructure is in place to support visitor re-entry, announcements will be made.”

As they make progress they will be updating this site:
Dare County Emergency Management Bulletins

Anyone that has lessons, camps or accommodations scheduled at REAL before September 17 should email our Head of Customer Service at to reschedule.

For any new bookings, orders or questions call 252.987.6000 or

September 2, 2011
IRENATHON is rocking with the best deals of the year, and customers from around the globe are getting hooked up. FedEx shipping has resumed, and REAL filled the entire truck yesterday. We will continue the IRENATHON promotion until midnight on September 9th.

FedEx shipping has resumed.

Dare County has announced the resident re-entry to start this weekend. They have established intermittent power and phone service as well. Once the REAL Flagship Store has full power and connectivity we will be contacting any clients that were schedule for Labor Day weekend regarding their accounts. The REAL site and Watermen’s Retreat have been cleaned up, and is ready for visitors as soon as they allow visitor on island.

Trip Forman and REAL Coach Luke Johnson have been sessioning the solid NE winds over the past two days. Reports are of a “private island” experience that is second to none. Trip said, “Luke and I rode at the Lighthouse yesterday and it was surreal. Not only were their no people in the water, there were no cars, or anything. Just us and the natural surroundings of Cape Hatteras. It was truly amazing. I can’t wait for our clients to experience this.”

REAL will be maintaining an office off-island until power, internet and phone services are restored to Cape Hatteras. For any bookings, orders, or questions call 252.987.6000 or

September 1, 2011
Fedex shipping has NOT been restored to Cape Hatteras yet, so you win. Use Promo Code: IRENE20 for an additional 20% discount off you online orders.

Today starts our favorite month of the year with September Sessions. What is September Session? Great winds, great waves and warm weather. To kick off September Sessions there are NE winds in the low 20s and a solid chest high East swell in the water. People all over the Outer Banks are taking sessions, and you know that the REAL Refugees in Cape Hatteras are taking advantage of the conditions.

Lessons, camps and accommodations for Labor Day Weekend will need to be rescheduled. As soon as power is restored to the island we will contact all customers that were scheduled for this weekend. Indicators are showing that the REAL Flagship Store should be open and welcoming visitors by the second week of September. It might be sooner, so keep posted.

REAL will be maintaining an office off-island until power, internet and phone services are restored to Cape Hatteras. For any bookings, orders, or questions call 252.987.6000 or

August 31, 2011
Today is the last day for DOUBLE DISCOUNTS for online purchases. The REAL’s Diamond Anniversary Super Sale ends at midnight tonight. IRENATHON promo code still continues for online purchases with promo code: IRENE20

They are making progress in Cape Hatteras, and REAL will have power starting today. Emergency crews have been cleaning up the island and commuting via ferry from Stumpy Point to Rodanthe. This ferry is presently closed to residents and visitors. More news will follow as we get it.

REAL is looking good with Trip and Efrin getting the site picked up and ready for our guests. The skis are in the water, flags up and hurricane debris removed. Last night Mojos had a free community dinner and kept the tradition of Taco Tuesday alive even though there was no power. Nothing like some Mojo’s Tacos to keep the spirits high.

The conditions have been high pressure and cool temps. Perfect for the clean up effort. There are NE winds in the 20s forecasted for the next few days. We are sure that there will be some ocean side down winders going down to check out all the new surf breaks.

Shipping should resume for REAL by the end of the week, so anyone that has taken advantage of IRENATHON pricing will have their packages on the way soon.

August 30, 2011
REAL and Watermen’s Retreat survived the tide, and we will be open for business as soon as they will allow visitors back on the island. We appreciate the numerous calls and emails of support. Most importantly everyone is in good health and ready for some sessions.

Until they have restored power and vehicle access to Cape Hatteras we have an off-island office set up so we can service our clients. We can be reached from 9am-6pm at 252.987.6000 or

Camps, Lessons and Accommodations will need to be rescheduled for Labor Day Weekend. When the REAL Flagship reopens we will be contacting all clients that were scheduled for this weekend. We are taking bookings for mid-September through the rest of 2011.

The NCDOT and Cape Hatteras Electric are working day and night, so we should be back open to visitors in no time.

August 28, 2011
Cape Hatteras got pummeled by Hurricane Irene, and HWY12 north of Rodanthe is presently in disrepair. The winds were not as strong as projected, but the sound side flood came in fast and furious. REAL and Watermen’s Retreat had minor damages, and we are getting ready to reopen by Labor Day Weekend.

As soon as Dare County is open to visitors, we will get you here. Boat, ferry, or chopper REAL is committed to keeping our clients on the water. Remember the Nor’Easter that took out Hwy 12 at S-Turns a couple of years ago, we taught lessons all week and had Watermen’s Retreat full of happy campers.

Phones and email are still live. Call toll-free 1.866.REAL.548 or 252.987.6000. Email

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