Introducing the KT Surfing and Quatro Foilboards

Keith Taboul has been making high end wind sports and surfboards for a long time in Maui. He has developed a reputation for clean designs, premium construction and great performance. To develop his new line of foilboards, KT has extensively tested custom boards with entry level foilers to the top pros like Annie Reickert and Kai Lenny.

KT Quatro Wing Drifter Foilboard

KT has made his line of prone, kite and wake foilboards under the label of KT Surfing. His line of wing foilboards are released under the Quatro brand. All of his boards have light weight and stiff carbon construction, come with full deck pads, and inserts for straps.

KT Surfing Drifter Full and Drifter Slim Foilboard


kt surfing kai lenny

Annie Reickert & Kai Lenny riding KT Drifters

KT Surfing Drifter Wake


KT Surfing Drifter Kite Foilboard


For more info on the KT foilboards contact a REALpro at or 252.987.6000.

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