Introducing the Foil Surfboard

Having a proper foil surfboard will help you catch more waves, foil surf better and have a board that will last. There is a big range of board sizes, shapes and constructions.

Here are a few things to consider when you are purchasing your foil surfboard. 

 - These boards are designed for paddling, catching waves and flying, not surfing in the water. This is why they look different compared to surfboards.

-The larger the board, the larger the sweet spot and easier it is to catch waves.

-The smaller the board, the easier it is to pump.

-All of these boards have wide tails. The wide tail helps “push” the board into the   wave.

-Foam is your friend and you want a lot of foam for catching small waves and   paddling back out.

-A lightweight board is more responsive under your feet.

-Strength is necessary to keep the deck of the board intact and to prevent breakage from the stress put on the board by the foil.

Compared to a normal surfboard with a foil attached to it, a purpose made foil surfboard will:

 -Paddle faster

-Catch more waves

-Maneuver and pump better

-Last longer


Here is an overview of some of the most popular foil surfboards on the market:


FCD Foil Surfboard:

•Designed to make foil surfing easy

•Proprietary EPS foam, Epoxy resin construction with strong glass schedule


•Deep concave deck

•Best paddler of the bunch 


Slingshot Skywalker:

•Most durable construction we tested

•Big tail and flat rocker gets pushed in easily

•Heavier than the custom made boards  


Naish Comet:

•Looks and feels most like a traditional surfboard

•Super flat rocker through the middle and out the back



Pyzel Screaming Eagle:

•Durable and really light XTR construction

•Subtle deck concave

•Down turned rail gives a lot of surface area for great paddling

•Nice glide

•Extra nose rocker to keep you from pearling 

Pyzel Pinball Wizard:

•Durable and really light XTR construction

•Small sizes made for pumping

•Chined rails prevent the board from catching in hard turns or when pumping 

For more information, or to place an order, please give us a call at 252-987-6000, or email us at 

Happy Flying!

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