How to Pick Your First Foil?

There are so many foils and foil systems on the market it is hard to navigate the what is going to work best for you.  Consider these questions when you are buying a hydrofoil.

1 . What sports will you do with your foil?

 Most people will have a primary foiling sport and then one or two more that they are consider.  An example is that if you want to kite foil and are considering wing foiling, you will need two very different front wings.  You want something smaller to deal with the power of the kite and a foil that is often times double the size for wing foiling.  Not all systems have good wings in both category, so by answering what sports you are doing will allow you to buy into a foil system that has an assortment of wings to suit your sporting needs. 

2 . What is your budget?

 There is a pretty big range in pricing from $1200 for a complete starting package with foil and board to $2500 for just the foil. Less expensive will be older designs with less options for masts and wings and the more expensive are often stronger, lighter and have a large range of options.  The worst thing you can do is invest in a foil that you will quickly replace.

3 . Who is riding this foil?

 The rider's ability level and weight will really change what foil you are choosing. Also if you are using this foil with multiple people, then you need to consider weights of the different riders.  Smaller riders need smaller foils and visa versa.


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