How to Improve your Wake Foil Skills with Austin Tovey

Wake foiling is quickly taking over as the fastest growing segment of hydro foiling.  You don't need much of a boat or a wake to get you going wake foiling.  We have seen people riding the foil behind boats as simple as a 12' john boat with a 10hp outboard, to jet skis, to a full blown MasterCraft XStar wakeboard boat.

REAL Team Rider, Austin Tovey, breaks down his tips for wake foil progression in this short video.


Key Points:

      1. Start slow and learn to ride outside the wake in the flats while being pulled by the rope.  Learn to stand on your front foot and glide rather than edging against the pull of the boat.

      2. Approach the wake slowly and turn before it so you are pointing at the boat with the wake right behind you.  As you get push from the wake, slack the rope and try to ride the foil in the energy of the wake.

      3. Drop the rope and carve back and forth on the wake keeping a lot of pressure on the front foot to keep the foil in the water.  

      4. Learn to pump by cutting out away from the wake, pump the board a few times and then cut back into the wake to gain speed again. As you improve your pumping skills you can go farther out of the wake before coming back in.

      5. Once you can pump the board, try to turn out and away from the boat. Pump back into the second or third wake once the first wake has passed you. There is cleaner water and a smoother wake for the endless wake foil glide on the second or third wake back.

      6. Learning airs off the wake is the next step to your progression. Start by riding the foil back in the pocket of the wake where there is maximum wake energy.  From this position, pump twice to accelerate toward the ramp section of the wake and pop by carving into the wake while pushing down hard off your back leg. Land tail first so the foil engages on reentry.

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