How to Dock Start and Pump a Foilboard

There is a ton of hype around foil surfing and pumping out to catch multiple waves.  You can practice this in flat water off a dock, and it’s a sick cardio work out too.


1. Find a dock with a long runway.

2. Ensure the water is at least two feet deeper than your mast length.

3. Use the biggest most efficient foil you can get your hands on.

4. Taking off downwind helps you get going

Game Time:

1. Board position is critical:

Your board needs to be level with the foil wings just under the water’s surface.

2. Light and smooth take off:

You just need a few easy steps down the dock and a light take off.

3. Land with your back foot first:

Release your hands and land on your board with your back foot first and place your feet in the proper pumping position.  This is normally with the back foot on top of or slightly in front of the mast.

4. Ride high on mast:

Pumping with the wing closer to the surface reduces drag.

Gear used to make this video:

 Armstrong CF2400 Complete Kit  with CF2400 and CF300 wings, 72cm Mast, 60cm Fuselage.

 Armstrong 3’11 Kite/Surf/Tow

Joey Harpstrite is a REAL Coach and hails from Kailua Hawaii. Check out Joey on Instagram @no_averagejoe and you can book Joey for kiteboarding, wing, surf, and pump foiling by calling REAL at 252.987.6000 or emailing us at

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