How to Choose Your Next Grom Surfboard

There’s literally a vacuum of information available on grom surfboards. What seems normal to you, seems gigantic to someone less than half your size. Add to that the fact that they’re always growing AND advancing in ability, and you have a perpetually moving target when trying to choose the right board for them.We got together with Masen Barley, Luke Lopez, Cash Souter, Alana Lopez and Leila Lopez to find out what they’re riding now, what they learned along the way when choosing the right board.We cover everything from soft tops, to when it’s time to switch to “hard boards”, to dialing in your high performance whip. Legendary surf dads Brett Barley and Cory Lopez drop in to share their insight and what they’ve seen work along the way. You’ll hear lots of heights, weights, and diminutive dimensions. We organized all this info into the chart below to help you understand what your dimensions translate into for a sub 100 pound surfer. In our experience, that’s where most get …lost and just start scratching their heads. For more information or to place your grom board order, either stock or custom, call us at the shop 252-987-6000 or email us at REALpro@realwatersports.comVideo and edit by Jeffrey O’Neil additional footage provided by Casey Barley and Cory Lopez.

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