Hard-Shell Harness Hype

There is a big buzz on the water at REAL about the new hard-shell harnesses that have come to market. We are here to confirm: YES, these harnesses live up to all the hype, and they’re here to stay.

Benefits of a hard-shell harness:
• Maximum support
• Smaller profile of the harness
• Less harness “ride up”
• Superior Locked in feeling
• Less pressure on your back

Dakine C-1

The Dakine C-1 has a traditional fit, feel and closure system to the Dakine harnesses that you know and love. The C-1 offers you a lot of support and is designed to “break-in” over time. It will feel a little stiff at first but as you ride it, the harness will mold to your body and get more comfortable with time. The Maniac sliding spreader bar offers the benefits of the hook and the benefits of the sliding bar all in one.

What we like about the C-1:
• Fits and feels like your standard harness
• Low profile back plate
• Three piece hard shell design that molds to your body over time
• Sliding spreader bar with hook
• Hook Knife

Ride Engine

There are three models in the Ride Engine hard shell line up called the Hex Core, Team and Elite Series. Ride Engine invented the hard shell harness out of a garage in 2010 and have refined it to release a top quality production product that is available to you today. The Ride Engine is customizable with a sliding rope spreader bar or standard metal kite hook. The deep molded lumbar support locks the harness in and keeps it from riding up at all. The continuous one piece back plate disperses the load of the kite and reduces the pressure on your back.

• Customizable with sliding rope spreader or standard metal hook
• No harness ride up at all
• One piece hard shell significantly reduces pressure from your kite
• Simple one strap closure
• Low profile back plate

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