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There are lots of reasons people choose to sell their used surfboards. Most surfers are constantly switching out shapes, trying out different dimensions to see what works best for their particular body type. Other surfers may refresh their entire quiver when they relocate to a new area, adjusting to different wave shapes in their new locale. They could even be moving inland for the season and need cash for a new snowboard (we might forgive them, but we won’t give them any waves next year)…


No matter what reasons surfers have for selling a board, there are many great reasons to buy a used surfboard. Used surfboards are a great way to try out a new shape and expand your quiver on a budget. From “barely used, in mint condition” to “well-loved and structurally sound”, REAL has a range of used boards to choose from. Every surfboard sold on is Guaranteed Ready-2-Ride – the surfboard is structurally sound, watertight, and ready to surf. We rate each board using a 5-star rating system so you can better understand the condition of the board and be confident in what you are buying.

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Every used surfboard, even if it’s been surfed only once, will have some signs of use. Even barely used, mint condition used boards could have minor pressure dents or surface scratching. Prior to listing a used board online, REAL performs a full inspection of the board. All dings are professionally repaired before the board is posted online.

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What about surfboards that don’t meet our criteria? Surfboards rated 1-star or lower are not posted online but are available for purchase at the REAL Flagship Store on Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Stop by our store to check out this selection of super deal boards and find one that’s right for you. Since 1-star or lower surfboards have signs of use that are hard to picture accurately online, we want you to check out these low-priced boards in person before making a purchase. These boards can be a great board to use in a pinch (broke your board on a surf trip to Cape Hatteras?), they can be used for art projects and decorating, or they can be a cheap alternative to renting a surfboard for the week. Most 1-star or lower used surfboards boards are priced under $200.

Photo: Nate Appel / REAL

REAL Used Surfboards Ratings Guideline:

•5 Stars – Board in excellent / mint condition.

These boards are in excellent to mint condition, with no dings and only a few heel impressions from the limited use. 5-Star surfboards are boards that have been ridden only a handful of times. Typically these boards are trade-ins where the surfer realized they wanted different design or dimensions. 5-Star used surfboards are as new of a used board you can get, without buying new.

This 5-star surfboard was barely used and traded in amazing condition.
This 5-star surfboard was barely used and traded in amazing condition.

•4 Stars – Board in good condition.

4-star used surfboards are either boards used more aggressively for the same amount of time as a 5-star board, or a board treated well over a longer period of time. Typically these boards have more heel impressions because they have been surfed harder or longer and may have one or two professionally repaired dings that are water tight.

This 4-star board had minor signs of use but had been treated with care.
A 4-star board has minor signs of use but has been treated with care.

•3 Stars – Board in OK condition.

3-Star surfboards have multiple seasons of use, they may have some signs of yellowing and will have numerous pressure dents. The board may have several visible repairs, all professionally repaired and watertight. These boards are what you would find on a typical used surfboard rack.

This board was rated 3-stars because it has some signs of yellowing and some pressure dents.
This board was rated 3-stars because it has some signs of yellowing and some pressure dents.

•2 Stars – Surfboard is well used but structurally sound.

2-Star surfboards are well used, throughout multiple seasons. The decks of these boards will typically show their age with raised stringers and depressed areas on both sides of the stringer. Expect multiple, water-tight repairs and yellowing throughout the board.  2-star used surfboards were typically someone’s go-to board, used a lot but may have a solid season left.

A 2-star surfboard looks well-loved, but is watertight and ready to ride.
A 2-star surfboard looks well-loved, but is watertight and ready to ride.

•1 Star – Surfboard has seen a lot of action.

1-Star surfboards are on their last legs but still have fun sessions left in them.  These boards decks are severely dented, significantly concaved, with many watertight repairs. 1-star surfboards are a great replacement for a rental board, someone’s first surfboard, art projects, or they make a great alternative to flying with your kite surfboard to Cape Hatteras.

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