Four Must Have Wing Surfing Accessories

Armstrong is known for making top level foils and foil boards. He has also spent the time to make some of the best accessories for foiling and winging on the market. These four accessories can work on most wings and boards on the market.

Power Link Control Bar

The Power Link Control Bar is a short carbon tube that can be strapped on to any wing surfing wing that has handles. This is a must have for making transitions easier, creating more power in light air and allowing you to depower when you are overpowered.

Ultimate Wing Waist Leash

The Ultimate Wing Waist Leash is a premium wing leash that won't break, stretch out, release on its own, or tangle up during transitions. This is the first wing leash with a proper quick release for added safety. If you are using the Ultimate Wing Waist Leash, you will want to use a standard surf leash for your board.

Memory Foam Foot Strap

These foot straps are light weight and super comfortable. The best part is that they are memory foam, so you can step on them during transitions and barely notice. This is the first foot strap that doesn't feel like they are in the way.

Waist Board Leash

If you want the freedom to move your feet around the board without stepping on the leash, the Armstrong Waist Board Leash will fit the bill. This coil waist leash can be secured down to for any size waist. When you double back the strap and use the neoprene buckle cover, you won't quick release by mistake. If you use the Waist Board Leash then you will want to use a wrist leash for the hand wing.

If you have questions about what wing surfing accessories will work for you and your gear, contact a REALpro at or 252.987.6000.

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