Eight perfect scores | WSL Corona J-Bay Open

The 2017 Corona J-Bay Open went down in history thanks to the worlds top surfers throwing down 10, after 10, after 10.  There were eight 10 point rides to be exact, two of which happened in Jordy Smith’s perfect heat.  With the level of surfing getting pushed higher and higher each year it’s tough to say what we will be seeing this time next year.

We’ve compiled each of these 10 point rides so you can see what perfect surfing looks like when the conditions and athletes line up on one of the worlds best waves, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa.

Filipe Toledo brings the heat in Round Two with a perfect score and a flashy finish against Kanoa Igarashi at Jeffreys Bay. #WSL #jbay

Local hero Jordy Smith continues to build momentum and finds the longest barrel of the event so far to drop a perfect 10

Jordy Smith scores an absolute bomb, displays his incredible powersurfing moves and two barrels for a second 10-point ride. Jordy comes away with the first perfect heat in J-Bay history.

Julian Wilson drives through three big carves and two barrel sections for his own perfect 10 point ride.

Check out John John Florence as he glides through the barrel and finishes with a impressive hack to land a perfect 10 in Round Four of action at J-Bay 2017.

Filipe Toledo continues his aerial antics in Round Four and pulls two massive alley-oops on the same wave for a perfect 10 point ride at the 2017 Corona Open J-Bay.

After Jordy Smith and Conner Coffin’s Round Five heat the judges discovered they missed the beginning of one of Conner’s rides, so the two had to surf again. With perfect surf on tap Jordy didn’t seem to mind as he responded with another stunning performance that included this 10-point-ride.

John John Florence can’t overcome the powersurfing of Frederico Morais in the Quarterfinals at Jeffreys Bay.


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