Does Wing Weight Really Matter?

The weight of an inflatable wing is a contested issue amongst current wing designers.  Some feel that a wing needs to be as light as possible for performance.  Others believe that you need to build a wing that lasts even if that means it will be heavier.  

The bottom line is that proper design is the first and most important metric to consider.  After that the weight of a wing really depends on your size, riding style and what you are looking for.

Light Weight Wing:


  • Easy to hold over your head while you are schlogging before you are on foil.
  • Luffs out easier. (If the wing was properly designed.)
  • Transitions from one side to the other with less drag.
  • Better for freestyle tricks.


  • Wears out faster and can loose a lot of power quickly.
  • Harder to control in gusty conditions.


Heavy Weight Wing:


  • More durable and better longevity.
  • Easier to ride in gusty conditions.
  • Better drive to get going and on to foil.


  • Harder to luff out in lighter wing conditions.
  • More tiring to hold up when you are not on foil.


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