Covid-19 Update

Our phones have been blowing up asking about Covid-19 and how it’s affecting us. First of all, THANK YOU to everyone for checking in on us. We’re also thinking about all of you around the world and wishing you safe passage through this storm. 

 Here’s an update to our most frequently asked questions: 

  1. REAL is OPEN and shipping worldwide daily. We are maintaining our standard business hours to make sure you maintain your daily shred. is OPEN 24/7.
  2. Our vendors that supply us with the best vehicles for shred (kite, surf, foil, wetsuits, etc) are EPIC, and are making sure we’re fully stocked to keep you on the water. There have been a lot of challenges for them to make this happen and we are thankful for their extra efforts and dedication. 
  3. Watermen’s Bar & Grill is OPEN 9am to 9pm daily serving their full menu #takeout style. You can place your order at the bar and chill out back with a Carolina Brewery beer while it’s being prepared or you can call it in ahead of time at 252-987-2000.
  4. Watermen’s Retreat is OPEN for accommodations but Dare County is closed to visitors effective March 17th at 2pm. The roadblocks are located at the Dare County line on Routes 64 East and 158 East. If you are inside these lines, you CAN access Hatteras Island. We will keep you updated on access to come stay with us.
  5. We had the honor of hosting WSL Longboard World Champion Justin Quintal at Watermen’s Retreat for this most recent swell. The board in the above photo is a Black Rose Fine Swine 9’9 Pintail. This is what Justin rode in the Taiwan Open to lock down his world title. 
  6. Sessions are still going down. Yesterday we had nice chest to head high peaks with glassy, offshore conditions. Today the NE and then SW winds start filling in again for kiting and foiling action.

Thank you again everyone for checking in on us, and for choosing REAL and Watermen’s. As we adapt to this challenging weather, we’re committed to making sure that #Stoke lives on. 

Posted by Trip Forman | 📷: Travis Brown

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