Christophe Tack in Mowgli's Jungle II

Christophe Tack, and Sam Van Olmen teamed up to create one of the sickest kite web series’ to date. The riding, filming, edit, and mission in Mowgli’s Jungle II are all top notch.  Prepare to be blown away by the 2014 World Champ’s Jedi like skills…


For over a decade, it had been Christophe’s goal to become world champion. But what do you do after you fullfilled your childhood dream? How do you find new goals and stay motivated? In Mowgli’s Jungle 2, Christophe is on a search for answers and plans to push his riding in new directions.


In Episode 2 Christophe heads over to Hood River, Oregon to visit the Slider Project…


After a whole year of exploring the broad range freestyle kiteboarding has to offer, such as kicker waves and park riding, Christophe gets back on board to push air tricks.

The 2014 freestyle world champion pushed himself 3 weeks prior to filming this part in Brazil, showing why he’s still on top of the game. Only now he’s playing by his own rules. Hear him out in this last full episode of the season.

In addition to pushing the limits of Freestyle all around the world, Christophe is also one of the elite 16 kiters invited to the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple S Invitational from June 3rd-9th.  Last year Tack melted minds by landing the first 900’s off of a kicker in competition.

Christophe Tack’s 900 at the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple S Invitational

Christophe is pushing the limits of kiteboarding every time he takes a session.  Tack is a team rider for Liquid Force, in addition to always throwing down he is also is part of ensuring Liquid Force produces some of the finest kiting equipment on the market.  Check out Christophe Tack’s kit, and other gear from Liquid Force here:

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