Brett Barley's 2017 Season Highlights

2017... Best year of surfing I’ve ever had!
Trying to highlight how epic it was in 1min was impossible, but here are some selects from some of my favorite moments this year.

- I started the year with a goal of sticking a 6’ air of any sort and checked it off by March.
- I got to go on a surf trip with my Dad for the first time in 8yrs.
- I scored a wave in Central America that I now froth over and didn’t know existed prior.
- I finally checked Skeleton Bay off my bucket list.
- I scored more barrels at home with my friends than I can count!
- Watched my son fall in love with surfing, and learn to paddle in and stand up by himself.
- Managed to score all but one day of swell during the most epic run of surf at home I’ve ever seen.
- Survived another season in Hawaii
- And had a blast doing all that and more!

My family made a lot of sacrifices this year for all that to happen, and I can’t thank my wife Casey Barley enough for her love and support through everything!

I find it hard to believe 2018 could possibly be better as far as surfing goes, but I’m ready to get started trying!

-Brett Barley

In addition to an incredible season at home, Brett also scored the Wave of the Winter Viewers Choice for the month of November, just like he did last year.  With only a month to score the Wave of the Winter, we are once again impressed by Brett's ability to show up, make the most of the conditions offered and leave with the best wave of the month.

In case you missed it, Autumnal Reminiscence is definitely the edit of the year and worth watching every second of the nearly 16 minute view time.  We had an incredible hurricane season here on Cape Hatteras, with this video as our testament to the quality.

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