Brett Barley Barreled at Home

Ever wonder what winter surf on Cape Hatteras looks like?  Take a look through REAL teamrider, Brett Barley’s point of view.  His barrel to air reverse was featured in the top 3 GoPro of the world clips for January, shot in Rodanthe, NC.  The next set of clips is a teaser to his full GoPro edit coming out soon… Prepare for the barrel fest.

“Amped to have my barrel to full rotation air reverse featured in the Top 3 for January #GoPro of the World!

The barrel was nice… but the full rotation air is one of the only ones I’ve ever captured with a GoPro. Hope you Enjoy!” – Brett Barley


“I think it might be time for another #GoPro edit…. It’s been almost 2yrs since I put out “Silver & Gold”. This teaser isn’t even half of the clips I have stacked since… So, what ya think??” – Brett Barley
Shot with:

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