Brandon's Travels: Kiteboarding In Argentina

When you think of Argentina I’m sure your mind conjures images of wine grapes, the Andes Mountains, a big juicy steak, or beautiful brunettes. However it is now time to add kiteboarding to the list.

Brandon Kiteboarding In Argentina Brandon Kiteboarding In Argentina

I recently returned from a trip to the Northern Regions of this vast country, in a small town named Rodeo. This small village high(3000 M) in the Andes can brag about a few things, simple lifestyle, great food, and tons of wind. I have never been somewhere, where the trees actually grow crooked because of the prevailing wind direction.

Rodeo, Argentina Rodeo, Argentina Exploring Argentina

Near the town there is a large man made body of water, aptly named the Cuesta Del Viento. It is here that the 2014 Kitefest was held, in an amazingly beautiful natural stadium. The lake is surrounded by colorful, snowcapped mountains making the scenery one of the top places I’ve kiteboarded. The lake starts glassy in the morning, with the aid of plenty of desert heating, the wind begins to fill in mid day. By the time the sunsets it is not strange to clock the wind near 50 knots. Most sessions I was overpowered on my 7m.

Big air kiteboarding with Brandon Big air kiteboarding with Brandon

Big air is the name of the game, and getting a good dose of high flying became extremely addictive. Its hard not to go big when 2000 people are cheering you on from the beach. That was the most stunning thing about this whole trip, the Argentinian people love kiteboarding! They are willing to drive two plus hours into the desert to have a chance to watch the worlds best ride. Not only that most of them kite board too!

View from the stage in Argentina Kiteboarding In Argentina

Everyone is there to eat, sleep, and breathe kiteboarding. I felt like a rockstar, plenty of autographs and photos for one lifetime. I left with a great feeling about our sport, knowing that what we do brings so much joy and happiness to corners of the world I never even knew existed. So next time your planning a vacation, or opening a nice bottle of Malbec, think of the amazing kiteboarding to be found in Argentina.

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