Black Rose Surfboards with Justin Quintal

Black Rose Surfboards stem from the combined generations of surf studies between world-class surfer Justin Quintal and master surfboard-shaper Ricky Carroll. In their pursuit to create timeless surf equipment they acknowledge progressive surfing does not provide all the answers. Nor does a stubborn inclination for the past. This is the fundamental principle of Black Rose Manufacturing. The goal is to oscillate and operate between the two in hopes of transcending their inherent limitations. The end result: surfboards that provide further insight into the practice of wave riding.

The Fine Swine captures the advantageous elements of the pig models with a more functional and balanced outline, rail, and bottom contour.

“Works exceptionally well in long tight sections, especially point breaks. The hips help govern your speed and pull you back into the pocket, while the back half of the board retains enough width to give the rider a stable platform when walking and riding the front half of the board. The narrower nose lends the board to quicker turning capabilities and less hang ups in the pocket.”

Justin Quintal

The Dark Horse is a user-friendly noserider that will help you increase your tip time.

“The Dark Horse is a classic noserider, wide and parallel with a functional amount of nose concave that transitions into a relatively flat bottom contour. The wide and full outline provide plenty of lift and stability on the nose.”

Justin Quintal

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