Behind the Scenes: Outer Banks Season 3 Wing Foiling

Season 3 of Netflix’s popular series “Outer Banks” debuted today with no other than REAL team rider James Jenkins making an appearance wing foiling through a scene. James was hired to stunt double one of the lead characters “Topper”, when the producers decided to scrap standup paddle boarding, and add wing foiling as the extreme sport portrayed in Season 3 Episode 6.The video above goes behind the scenes with James, looking into his role in OBX3 and how it is major mainstream media’s first appearance of wing foiling in an action scene. Wing foiling is one of the fastest-growing watersports in the world and can be done by all ages 8 - 70+.For more information about wing foiling lessons, and our Zero to Hero Wing Foil Camp, call us at 252-987-6000 or email us at .

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