Are Inflatable Wing Boards Legit?

Inflatable wing boards have come a long way and they are legit.  You want to go with a reputable brand that has been making inflatable SUP and other products as they will make a more durable board. Pictured below are two of the best examples we have tried, the Slingshot I-FLY V1 Foilboard and the Naish S26 Hover Wing Air Inflatable Foilboard.
Here are a list of the Pros and Cons of inflatable wingsurfing boards.
  • Light weight
  • Less expensive than glass carbon boards
  • Compact for travel and storage
  • Less likely to get hurt if the board hits you
  • High volume for their size
  • Feels like winging on your yoga mat
  • Some flex can be felt compared to hard boards
  • Stickier take off and touch downs
  • Straps are not as sturdy
  • Punctures are difficult to repair
If you have more questions about inflatable wing boards or want to find out what one is right for you, contact a REALpro at 252.987.6000 or email us at
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