4 Reasons November Is Awesome For Kiteboarding In Cape Hatteras

During the month of November, locals and those “in-the-know” are having the time of their life in Cape Hatteras! Here’s why:

1. Solid and reliable swell means endless kitesurf sessions available!

The North Atlantic is active and exciting during November and we’re perfectly poised to capitalize on all of the waves being produced.

Matt Nuzzo kitesurfing at the lighthouse - 11/04/2013
Matt Nuzzo kitesurfing at the lighthouse – 11/04/2013

2. Budget friendly

If you’re on a budget and looking to kite board, November is one of the best months of the year to learn because camps are $200 cheaper! Furthermore – it’s shoulder season for acommodation in Cape Hatteras so you can expect to pay great rates too!

Thanksgiving session last year!
Budget friendly lessons & accommodation combined with epic winds make November an awesome time to learn!

3. Water & Air Temperature:

Cape Hatteras sits right out in the Ocean just 30 miles from the Gulf Stream and that keeps air and water temperatures comfortable all through November. While you’re not going to be taking sessions in boardshorts – the right wetsuit will have you toasty warm all day long. With air temps hovering between 50 and 70 degrees – it’s game on!

4. Different wind directions mean a whole different playground:

During November, the prevailing wind direction is usually NW, N or NE. These directions open up a whole different playground and you can do all of your favorite downwinders in reverse! The different direction also opens up completely new spots such as the “Backside of The Slick”. Find out why the back side of “The Slick” is our favorite flat water kite spot

If you have any questions about kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras during November, you can call us at 252-987-6000.

Remember: If you don’t learn to kiteboard now you will still suck this time next year!
So what are you waiting for – come and session with us!

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