2021 North Kiteboarding Reviews

The 2021 North Kiteboarding range is out and the REAL Team is stoked about it.  We have been testing this gear for over a month and loving the improvements to the line.  North continues focus on making high quality products that can perform at the highest level of competition but also turn your average kiteboarder into a star.
Check out the REAL Reviews on the 2021 North Kiteboarding line up.

The Carve has gotten a big improvement in wind range and drift for 2021.  The reduction in dacron on this kite give you crisper turns and a more user-friendly feel.


 2021 North Orbit:

The Orbit has gone on a diet to lighten it up at the same time bringing in more wind range and smoother power delivery.  This five-strut kite will boost to the moon or mow the lawn with the best of them.

 2021 North Reach:

The Reach works for a huge range of people from advanced riders to beginners. This three strut design performs really well at multiple sports, freestyle, foil, in the surf and park.


The Navigator is one of our favorite bars at REAL. The grip is plush and the lines are the highest quality on the market.


Take your pick of carbon or hybrid construction and you won't be disappointed. Everyone that tries the Atmos loves it.


2021 North Prime


This is a softer flex lighter version of the Atmos that is made with the lighter kiteboarder in mind.


2021 North Kitesurf Boards:
There have been some simple adjustments to improve performance and durability on some of the best shapes in the market. 

2021 North Charge

2021 North Cross

2021 North Comp

These straps are low profile so you can feel the board and have some of the best padding of any strap we tested. 

To find out what North Kiteboarding gear is right for you, contact a REALpro at info@realwatersports.com or 252.987.6000


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